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Has anyone had an elective medical c-section under general anthesthetic - PLease help

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KaylaBmummy Thu 13-Sep-07 19:00:17

Told today I have to have a c-section under GA at 38 weeks. Feeling really worried as have had two vaginal births before and dont know what to expect. Threads say it is harder to recover and am feel sad I wont see my baby being born. Wish it could have been Epidural but have back problems and enlarged kidney. Does anyone have any positive experiences of a c-section under GA.

theimpsmum Thu 13-Sep-07 19:15:17

Hi there Kayla

I've had 2 c-sections,the first was an emergency one done with an epidural,my second was a planned c-section at 37 weeks that was supposed to be done with an epidural but unfortunately the epidural didn't work so I had to have a general.
To be honest apart from feeling groggy for the first few hours after I came round and having to have a catheter fitted,which I didn't with the first,both c-sections were the same.I was up and about the next day after both,and recovery didn't appear to be any different.

My advice is get up and move about as soon as you feel able to,there were many women in my ward,after my first one,who didn't get up for a couple of days,my midwife said moving was the best thing,even if it does feel like you insides may fall out'grin.
As for the not seeing your child being born,your not 'out' for that long my son was under an hour when I first saw him,and his dad felt honoured that he had the total responsibilty of him for that time,although for the first few hours the dad has to do nappies etc as you'll be tired for a while after.

Try not to worry,and I hope everything goes wellsmile

mrschop Thu 13-Sep-07 20:07:44

I had a GA for my first, an em c-section, and the epidural wasn't quite right so I was put under. Was quite a long & difficult labour beforehand, so I was quite zonked out afterwards, and I understand how you feel about "missing" the birth. But looking back, the most important thing is that mum & baby are OK, and as impsmum says, you are not under for very long - DS was born at 10.30am and I woke up at 11.10am. His dad had been looking after him all the while, too, while I was being stitched up and things. And having had a VBAC for my second, I felt worse immediately after the natural birth then I did after waking up from the GA first time round - a lot less woozy and shaky. And I remember so clearly waking up, thinking "I must have had the baby" then opening my eyes, the midwife noticing I'd woken, and holding him up to me. Was a lovely moment, and absolutely no less special than when my second baby was delivered on to my tummy. Hope all goes well for you.

KaylaBmummy Thu 13-Sep-07 20:19:42

Theimpsmum - Thanks for the info. Were you able to have a chat with the doctors before the c-section to discuss your concerns and wishes. I want DH to have baby asap until I come round. I have had an op before but was so drugged up, it was hours before I came round and I keep thinking about just wanting to see baby, hopefully like you have experienced they may not give as much anesthetic and I will be awake sooner. Also have a bit of a fear about hospitals and needles, I hate the thought of a drip, catheter etc. Up until today I have had this normal vaginal delivery in my mind, so sorry if I sound a whimp, I just dont know what to expect and how I will feel. Glad everything went well for you and thank you again for your kind words.

LiegeAndLief Fri 14-Sep-07 14:07:14

Sorry you are not going to get the birth you were hoping for. Don't think you sound like a wimp at all! I had a cs under spinal block so was awake for the birth but ds was taken straight to NICU so I didn't really see him for about 6 hours. Obviously I was sad at the time but he is 13 months now and we never had any bonding problems and he is still breastfed. Those first few hours now feel like a very tiny and insignificant part of his life. I was also terrified of hospitals - I was planning a home birth so cs was my worst nightmare! But it wasn't nearly as horrible as I had been expecting and at the time I was so focussed on the baby I barely noticed what they were doing to me. I presume they will put the catheter in when you're asleep, so you probably won't even notice it until they take it out, which wasn't painful at all for me. The drip bothered me a bit more, but was uncomfortable rather than painful and it was deilvering morphine so that made me feel a bit more friendly towards it! It was only in for 24 hours or so. Good luck smile

tori32 Fri 14-Sep-07 14:19:38

Although you won't see baby being born they put the baby with you as soon as you are in recovery and have been awake. I was very groggy but the key is to drink as much water as you can, as soon as possible when you wake up. This will also mean your drip can be removed ASAP, so one less inconvenience. My story was very similar to Mrschops first c section, long labour and failed epidural. I still managed to bf through the night (dd born at 2049). Try to mobilise and stand up straight as soon as possible, because if you walk bent over the muscles become really tight when you do stand straight later. Ignore a little discomfort, its not pain, more pulling. They use really strong stitches so doing this is not likely to rupture them. ( was a scrub nurse in theatres). Take pain relief to enable you to stand straight if you find it uncomfortable, this is better in the long run.

tori32 Fri 14-Sep-07 14:21:19

Oh just seen another post and forgot to say that my dd had skin to skin contact until I came round properly. smile

KaylaBmummy Sun 16-Sep-07 22:52:06

Thanks tori32 and Mrs chops you have really helped. Had a date on saturday morning by post for c-section at 38 weeks. But the date falls when DH is on ship and only gives me about 5 days home with him whilst recovering and I also have his 9yr old twin boys on half term following week. If it was week before at 37 weeks I would have him home for nearly two weeks for recovery. Do you think I should mention this to consultant or do you think he may think I am trying to push for an earlier c-section. I am not, and am still in constant pain but not sure if I should mention it. Also is 37 weeks to early for LO will it be ok? What do you think? Any wise words greatly appreciated.

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