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Have I been damaged by catheter

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sprite25 Sun 12-Apr-20 19:18:35

I had DD nearly 3 weeks ago, I had a small tear which I believe went upwards rather then down towards my bum. I was bleeding heavily just after the birth so a doctor was called in to put a catheter in and in order to get it in had to clean/wipe where the tear was (I literally nearly jumped off the bed it was so painful) he eventually got the catheter in but seemed to be quite rough about it. Ever since I've got a sore/stinging sensation down there which is worse after a shower or bath and going to the toilet and until I'm pretty much wetting myself can't overly tell that I need a wee. I know im probably still healing abit but it doesn't feel like a uti, possibly the tear still healing but I feel like my bladder is numb almost. Does anyone else have any experience of this

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LouiseTrees Sun 12-Apr-20 22:51:41

Are you a first time mum?

TrickyKid Sun 12-Apr-20 22:57:04

I remember feeling uncomfortable for quite a while after having a catheter put in but it's a long time ago so can't say exactly how long it went on for. Maybe mention it to the health visitor if you're still seeing one?

PatchworkElmer Sun 12-Apr-20 22:57:41

I’d get it checked OP. I had similar to this (though didn’t have a catheter)- it turns out that I had a UTI and a uterine infection. Whatever it is, I think it’s worth at least phoning for advice?

LittleCandle Sun 12-Apr-20 23:02:06

A tear can take a long time to mend. Loss of sensation in the bladder is not unusual after childbirth and a tear, but it would definitely be worth speaking to a GP about this. It could be an infection - it could just be that you are still healing. Sometimes sensation does not fully return and you need to learn to manage that, but either way, you need to get checked out.

annlee3817 Mon 13-Apr-20 15:56:28

I only had a small tear and no catheter and I didn't have the sensation of needing a wee got months afterwards, had to sit myself on the toilet every few hours and then I'd go. It did go back to normal.

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