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Sex after birth

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yelyahyoung Sun 12-Apr-20 01:05:49

First of all, I’m sorry if this is too personal or OTT but at least I warned you.
5 weeks and 2 days after giving birth to our DD and we’ve had sex. I was a bit nervous and delayed things a bit lol which surprised me as I’ve been rearing to go since 2-3 weeks!! Just didn’t want to risk anything then, plus was still bleeding.
All was well and it did feel good, but I didn’t really orgasm. I think this was probably due to me being quite worried and therefore distracted. It hurt a little when going in but was fine after that, just felt a bit tender afterwards. Before giving birth I was always wet and orgasmed multiple times, however this was different. Not that I expected the world for the first time having sex again lol!
Now my questions...
When did you orgasm again after childbirth? Does getting wet the way you used to go back to normal or will we have to keep using lube for the foreseeable future lol (which we did not just use lol but I would recommend it next time...)? And how long did things take to feel ‘normal’ again?
Fyi I fortunately had a great birth and had only minor grazes so no stitches (much to the midwives surprise as baby came out with her arm up on her face! ouch! lol) which healed very well and very quickly. So nothing to really worry about there.

Thanks ladies! grin

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Raffathebear Sun 12-Apr-20 12:21:44

It took me months because i was exhaustedand not in the mood. I also felt weird about my body, like it wasnt mine or sexual. Your hormones affect wetness. Id say get as much rest, eat well, be intimate with your partner hugs kisses etc and dress or do something that is like you pre babies as i think i just felt like all i was is a mum.

yelyahyoung Sun 12-Apr-20 14:52:05

@Raffathebear I see. Well it’s certainly not that, I was defo in the mood and have been for ages now lol. I can kind of relate about the body thing though but more of a self conscious thing due to stretch marks and skin I haven’t quite tightened yet. I’ve almost gone back to my pre pregnancy weight though and am currently 8st 10 and I’m tall so it’s just the little jelly belly lol. All worth it though eh smile
Yes I will continue to do that! Was just wondering if things will get more back to normal or if it’s a new normal! Lol. Thanks smile

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