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Am I in labour?

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WinnieThePooh Thu 13-Sep-07 02:54:16

Hi all,

I am 36+4 weeks pregnant today.

When I had DD1 5 years ago my waters broke when I went to the loo at 2.50am but I did not get and labour pains until much later.

I can't sleep for terrible back ache and I am finding it difficult to catch my breath.

Also I think I felt the plug of mucus go earlier (about 11pm) when I went to the loo.
Water have not gone yet though.

My throat is so dry I am guzzling water like there is no tomorrow.


alipiggie Thu 13-Sep-07 03:00:32

I'm here, but don't know how much use I'll be as both my births were through inductions,sorry. If you in the slightest bit concerned why don't you ring your midwife!!!!a

Gingerbear Thu 13-Sep-07 03:01:48

hello WinnieThePooh.
It sounds like something could be happening.
Are you alone?
Have you rung the hospital?

WinnieThePooh Thu 13-Sep-07 03:05:38

DP is asleep.

Not rung hospital yet.

I so want a water birth, but don't think they will ley=t me until I am 37 weeks

Gingerbear Thu 13-Sep-07 03:10:13

Glad DP is with you (albeit asleep!)
My labour started with stomach niggles in the early hours, and the mucous plug went, then contractions proper started about 3 hours later.
Have you had any contractions?

Saying that, even though your plug has gone, it could still be a while before anything happens. Cadbury was off and on with stop-start labour for a week! Hope you hang on a bit longeer so you can get your waterbirth!

Gingerbear Thu 13-Sep-07 03:11:03

How is the backache now?

WinnieThePooh Thu 13-Sep-07 03:12:40

getting worse if anything

WinnieThePooh Thu 13-Sep-07 03:13:02

Bump feels rock hard too

Gingerbear Thu 13-Sep-07 03:15:02

Is there a pattern - is it constant or coming in waves?
Sorry to keep asking Q's, but want to let you know that I am still here
(not tired, as I crashed out earlier breastfeeding DS)
Where are those Doulas when you need them?
Oi, Marsy, are you still up?

WinnieThePooh Thu 13-Sep-07 03:15:53

Doesn't seem to be a pattern?

mimi1uk Thu 13-Sep-07 03:18:47

hi guys i am also 36 plus 4 and cannot sleep had steroid shots, as being induced monday and have a rotten headache,
it sounds like it maybe the start does it get worst the more active u are, ?

Gingerbear Thu 13-Sep-07 03:20:09

Can you face getting a bath or a shower? Hot water bottle?
warm water might help.
If the pain is getting worse, I would wake DP.

WinnieThePooh Thu 13-Sep-07 03:20:09

Sorry, needed to go to loo again.

I think I might try running a bath to see it that helps any.

WinnieThePooh Thu 13-Sep-07 03:21:55

Great minds GB.

I will run a bath now.

We have a buddy system on the due october thread, so will let them know if any developments.

Thank you.

Gingerbear Thu 13-Sep-07 03:22:15

we both posted about a bath at same time.

Gingerbear Thu 13-Sep-07 03:23:50

Go get a bath and see if it helps.
I can stay around if you need me to.

WinnieThePooh Thu 13-Sep-07 03:25:31

I think I will be a while in the bath.

Thank you anyway.

Gingerbear Thu 13-Sep-07 03:28:09

Holler if you need anything!

chocolateteapot Thu 13-Sep-07 03:31:07

I know you are in the bath and won't see this for a bit but when I went into labour with DD I felt it all in my back. What you have posted sounds very familar to when I was in labour with her. It took some time for my waters to go ie a few hours before I had her. I found leaning forward over a beanbag with DH massaging my back helped a bit relieve it.

Gingerbear Thu 13-Sep-07 03:56:06

Are you still in that bath?
Your fingers will be wrinkly by now!

MKG Thu 13-Sep-07 04:04:24

Winnie the Pooh,

I hope you are doing ok. Do what you can to stay relaxed. Try eating a light snack, you may need the energy later.

Remember to stay hydrated too.

WinnieThePooh Thu 13-Sep-07 08:10:40

Thanks for the support in the early hours.

The bath eased my bach ache though did not get much peace as DD woke with a bad dream about 3.40, so she came in with me for a bit.

I finally went back to bed about 4.45 after settling her in her own bed.

Did not get much sleep, but am planning on going back to bed for a bit after taking her to school.

Thank goodness I have got all my bags packed ready, looks like they might be needed a bit earlier than planned.

Thanks again for all the support.

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