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Induction still not offered

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Staceymitchell Mon 06-Apr-20 00:55:36

Hey just wondering if anyone knows how long in advance you are offered/booked in for an induction? I’m currently 41+5 and haven’t been booked in for an induction yet, so is there a chance I’ll have a one day notice ?

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ThisMustBeMyDream Mon 06-Apr-20 01:12:30

When did you last see the midwife? What did she say?

Staceymitchell Mon 06-Apr-20 01:27:48

I last seen her on Thursday for a sweep and next appointment is on Tuesday so I’ll be 42 weeks then and she said she’d book me in for one during that appointment if baby still hasn’t shown but some girls who have had babies before said they were booked in around a week in advance and were 41 weeks at induction and also heard that you aren’t allowed to go past 42 weeks but not sure how accurate that is as it’s my first baby

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ThisMustBeMyDream Mon 06-Apr-20 01:40:03

If you are seeing her at 42 weeks, I'd expect you will be offered an induction on that day. Each trust will vary in their procedures.

WhereIsTheLove1234 Mon 06-Apr-20 01:44:17

Are you definitely 42 weeks on Tuesday? If so please call your midwife and ask to speak to someone senior and ask why you are being left to go past 42 weeks. This is very very unusual and the risks need to be discussed. At a minimum you should be offered a scan and monitoring at the hospital. Please take a look at the link below for the national guidelines on this. By now you should definitely have been booked in.

Izzy24 Mon 06-Apr-20 01:47:03

I think you should call your unit first thing and get your induction organised. Most units will want to have this organised before 42 weeks. Hope it all goes well for you !

SparkleUK Mon 06-Apr-20 06:30:26

I was offered it on my due date when another sweep didn't work as cervix was too closed. I was given a weeks notice so I'd have been 41+1 but he set himself away that morning anyway. Good luck whatever happens🤞

RhymingRabbit3 Mon 06-Apr-20 06:34:55

Our trust schedules inductions for 40+12. Very unusual to go past 42 weeks, and it's not usually easy to arrange a same day or next day induction.
Is it possible that your midwife thinks you're 41 weeks at your next appointment rather than 42? I would definitely question it.

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Mon 06-Apr-20 06:38:56

In our area you are booked in at your first appointment past your due date for 41+5 weeks. It can take a couple of days and they don't like anyone going more than 2 weeks beyond their date. I would call and question this, you should have daily monitoring from 42 weeks if you haven't delivered

Indella Mon 06-Apr-20 21:18:56

Give them a call, this doesn’t sound right. Induction should be offered between 41 and 42 weeks so if your midwife appointment isn’t until 42 weeks you are going to end up outside of this window. Hopefully baby arrives of their own accord and it isn’t needed but you should be booked in x

kikibo Tue 07-Apr-20 08:45:41

I wouldn't panic. Count yourself lucky you're not being put under pressure to deliver.

That said however, the placenta should be checked for signs of deterioration. That's the risk of going past 40 weeks and is why tbey usually monitor every other day where I am.

stepbystepdoula Tue 07-Apr-20 11:11:14

They are likely to offer you induction today, they may be hoping to reduce your time in hospital by waiting to see if your labour starts naturally.
It's worth asking what the process is, where you will be etc in light of new rules. Some hospitals allow you to go home afterwards, this may be more comfortable for you, whilst you wait for labour to begin. Good luck

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