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Breech baby/birth

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JenDaw Sat 11-Apr-20 08:54:24

Hi Op, my son was discovered to be breech at my 40 wk appointment- with no time to try ECV... so unable to offer advice on that one unfortunately. Not sure if I'd have tried it given the opportunity, have heard it can be quite painful (so possibly would have been concerned about 'knocking' baby as am rhesus negative) and baby may turn back again anyway... but have read about success stories too!

Ended up with a CS 2 days later- which at the time was quite a nice feeling (in a weird way) to know exactly when DS would be with us. I think if I'd known in advance I'd have felt the same- it took the 'waiting' element away, and a date to look forward to. I did have some initial regrets about not experiencing the excitement of the start of labour- but those feelings soon went away. In fact, I'm nearly 36w now with DS 2 and have struggled to decide what kind of birth I'd like as pros and cons to both.

Recovery wise wasn't great for me- no real issues to start with but was in for nearly 3 days as couldn't get up and about easily (again, I've heard of positive experiences). I ended up over the next couple of weeks with 2 rounds of antibiotics for the incision area, which wasn't helped with me having a reaction to the sticky dressing used over the incision initially...

Bit of a mixed bag- so not sure if it will help you- but noticed you'd posted a few days ago so didn't want to read and run xx

BabyM12 Sun 05-Apr-20 09:49:19

Morning all,

I am 34+5 and found out at my midwife appointment the other day that baby is breech( cheeky monkey after she has been head down for weeks!).

I am quite laidback about childbirth in that I'll go with the flow I just don't want to be lying in a hospital bed for days- so my thoughts were always to try to stay as active as long as possible.

I'm at the stage where every teatime/evening I feel dreadful (tired, squashed, nausea) and I keep thinking if she is breech I'll just accept the c section as I just don't have the energy to try ECV. I'm just worried that I'll regret it later. Then I find myself thinking oh perhaps I don't want her to turn so I can just have the c section and at least know what the birth will be like( planned etc)

So my questions for you all are:

1) what are your experiences of an ECV ?
2) did anyone feel the same as in sometimes thinking I hope she stays breech so at least I have a planned date she will arrive by? ( I do think this is purely because of how uncomfortable I get at the moment as this thought seems to go through my mind whilst I'm feeling my worst!
3) recovery of c section- how was yours?

Thanks in advance!

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