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C section and phone/hospital bag

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LillianFullStop Tue 31-Mar-20 18:02:39

Has anyone had an ELCS lately and can let me know whether you were allowed to bring your phone with you into theatre?

DH took some priceless pics when DD was first put on my chest straight after birth. I was a bit shell shocked so probably wouldn't have remembered a lot of it so it was nice to have the pictures.

With the Covid-19 measures I may not have DH with me so wondering if I'm allowed to take my phone into theatre. Also what happened with your hospital bags moving around between delivery/theatre/recovery/post natal ? Thinking of keeping my phone in my bra instead of trying to find my bag and fish out the phone to take pics or send a message when baby is born. Sorry I know I'm thinking about the most ridiculous things right now but please indulge a hormonal pregnant lady blush

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Twinberry Tue 31-Mar-20 20:49:34

I had an EMCS 9 weeks ago and was allowed phone and camera so would think that would be definitely fine for elective. The anaesthetist took the photos! My bags stayed in delivery room and I was taken back there after the op, rather than to a recovery bay. Good luck with your birth x

WhenTwoBecomeThree Tue 31-Mar-20 20:55:40

My mum works in theatres and plenty of people have their phones, she's even taken pictures for them when she's had chance. Might not be the case everywhere but where she works, there's no problem. Congrats on your pregnancy!

Dyra Wed 01-Apr-20 06:52:42

I work in obstetric theatres. Absolutely you can take your phone! The anaesthetic nurse usually checks you have it with you when bringing you to theatre. And everyone (who isn't scrubbed that is) is usually happy to take photos for you. Especially to get that shot of the three of you together for the first time.

If you want to be 100% sure, check your midwife at your next appointment, and/or with the anaesthetist at your pre-op.

Dyra Wed 01-Apr-20 07:11:57

I forgot about the bag question! Where I work, the area where you wait to go into theatre (4 bed bay), is also where you recover. So no need to move bags around. If this is not the case at your hospital, then a porter or other member of staff would make sure your bags are waiting for you in recovery.

Once you recover, ordinarily your partner would carry your stuff up to postnatal. Nowadays, I imagine (I'm on mat leave) the midwife, a MSW or porter would carry them. Or they just go at the foot of the bed while you're being wheeled up.

LillianFullStop Wed 01-Apr-20 09:17:21

Thanks for the replies!

That's so nice that they take the photo for you!

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