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Hospital bag

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JenDaw Tue 31-Mar-20 16:40:26

I had an ANC appointment today and my Dr said that although BP can't come into the ward after birth, extra supplies can be dropped off to a midwife at the door. This is UHDB Trust smile

Persipan Mon 30-Mar-20 10:41:51

A lot of hospitals are currently specifying that you should bring everything you need with you as partners won't be able to bring you additional things, so you may want to a) double-check with the specific hospital and b) plan to pack a bit more than you might have done otherwise.

Caspianberg Mon 30-Mar-20 08:35:26

Oh and have a few empty carrier bags packed, so as long as DH is allowed in for the birth etc still, hopefully can off load anything already used or dirty into those straight away and he can take away with him to reduce how much stuff i have left to sort.

Caspianberg Mon 30-Mar-20 08:33:21

Same issue here. I was planning to keep a bag in car with spare extra baby clothes, nappies, change of top for dh etc, but atm DH can't leave the hospital and return here either. Usual stay in this country is 5+ days also, but i think they are now speeding people out within 2 if possible.

So, I have packed a small wheely suitcase for me, and a changing bag size bag for baby basically. Some snacks and dh stuff within those.

If dh can't re-enter building I will have to be able to carry everything plus baby out myself to door where DH is waiting. Have packed a baby sling also in the case incase I need to do this.

brummiemumm Mon 30-Mar-20 08:05:43

@NemophilistRebel I feel the same. I will do whatever it takes to get out of there and get home ASAP. Absolutely dreading the idea of being stuck on an understaffed ward without my husband there. Not sleeping through worry about it!

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NemophilistRebel Mon 30-Mar-20 04:55:07

I’m packing for one day only

No way am I going days on a ward without any contact from husband.

They are doing their best to discharge far sooner than they would normally do you may even be home same day if all goes to plan and no complications

brummiemumm Mon 30-Mar-20 04:34:58

I was due to give birth at a MLU as I'm low risk. Now with the current pandemic I've got to give birth at local hospital. I had packed a small bag for me and a small bag for baby, with toiletries, a couple of changes of clothing, 12 nappies, 10maternity pads etc in the thought that, if I needed more, hubby could bring more to me. Now however there is NO visiting on postnatal wards so I'm panicking that I'll need to take more, or do you think hubby would still be allowed to bring supplies should I need to stay in?
Absolutely dreading being on a ward... sounds like hell.

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