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Taking newborn home in taxi (Covid19)

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morningsunrise Fri 27-Mar-20 20:00:43

I'm 2 days into early labour and getting more and more worried about getting the baby home after birth. We live in a London borough with a very high number of Covid cases, have no car and don't know anyone who could give us a lift. I'm driving myself mad with worry about my partner, baby or I picking something up in the taxi. Has anyone else whose recently given birth faced this problem? Any suggestions on how to protect ourselves?

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Kokeshi123 Sat 28-Mar-20 05:02:06

Mask and gloves in taxi? I am sorry you are facing this worry.

LittleLittleLittle Sat 28-Mar-20 05:04:25

While it's more expensive get a black cab.

You will be further away from the driver and they will under take hygiene measures.

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