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Post birth complications & DH staying overnight

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Jadefeather7 Wed 25-Mar-20 05:53:12

I’m due to have my second baby in June. With my first I had a very rare disorder post birth where basically I woke up screaming and was 100% convinced I was dying. Luckily DH was with me because I had been discharged so was able to get me rushed to A&E. Because it was a rare disorder all the doctors that I met with had no clue what was happening at the time. I subsequently saw a specialist who was able to tell me about this rare condition. There is a high chance of having seizures and strokes but I was very lucky that I recovered from it.

This time around I’m working with consultants to try to avoid it happening again however there’s no guarantee as it’s a rare condition that’s not well understood. I’ve been told I’ll stay in for a few days post birth in case it happens again. Pre Coronavirus we discussed the option of having a private room and having DH with me which I was comfortable with. Circumstances have obviously changed now and the thought of being alone if it happens absolutely terrifies me. I know from my first birth how busy midwives can be and how long it takes them to attend when you call for them. It’s causing me a great deal of anxiety and I don’t know what to do. If I have to be alone for the birth because they stop allowing birth partners it’s not ideal but I could manage that, I just cannot bear the thought of being alone during the post partum period because of what I went through last time.

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TKAAHUARTG Wed 25-Mar-20 06:01:05

What is the disorder?

TKAAHUARTG Wed 25-Mar-20 06:01:53

Sorry, posted too soon. I don't think birth partners are discouraged are they? Even now?

Jadefeather7 Wed 25-Mar-20 06:20:01

No a birth partner is allowed for now but there have been suggestions on here that things could change in the future. Most people’s concerns about childbirth and Coronavirus are around being alone during the birth whereas mine are about the post birth period.

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Jadefeather7 Wed 25-Mar-20 06:27:04

The condition is postpartum cerebral angiopathy.

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