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what does VBAC stand for?

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toomuchtodo Mon 10-Sep-07 18:30:22

I've only had 2 kids.............


still don't know all the words for it all!

Budababe Mon 10-Sep-07 18:30:50

Vaginal Birth After Ceasarian

NAB3 Mon 10-Sep-07 18:30:52

Vaginal birth after caesarean

toomuchtodo Mon 10-Sep-07 18:31:34


blush again!

LordVenger Mon 10-Sep-07 18:37:12

Very Bad Anal Contractions. You get them with a posterior labour.

lulumama Mon 10-Sep-07 18:40:54

well, it tends to be one of those terms that you know about if you have had one, or are planning one ! don;t be blush

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