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Retained placenta advice

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StarlyBeee Mon 16-Mar-20 21:00:43

Hi there looking for some advice - four day labour ended in emergency csection and since then it's all gone down hill. I was admitted last week with hemraging and passing clots the size of lemons and then discharged with antibiotics. Since then, it's continued and after w scan they said I still have 5CM of placenta/tissue that has not come away. They wanted to operate but had some complications when having csection so they are trying uterine contractions first. I had double dose meds that are given to ladies who miscarry and wondering what my chances of them working are? I have remained positive for as long as possible and looking for anyone who has experience with this or knows of it? What's the chances of it passing with meds as I don't think I can stand another operation and tome away from my baby.


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Cacaca Mon 16-Mar-20 21:07:36

I had this a week after giving birth vaginally. The consultant I dealt with told me I had 2 options - manage it at home with medication or a small procedure. He told me that as I had already been admitted (blood pressure) I wouldn’t be getting out that night anyway so advised the procedure. I was discharged within 4 hours of having it done.

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