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Registering birth

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mumof5cn Sun 15-Mar-20 22:02:35

I have an appointment to register my baby's birth this week.

Me and her father are not married. Her father does not possess any form of id - not even a copy of his birth certificate. Will this stop him from being named on my baby's birth certificate?

Also, if it does, will she still be able to take his surname without him on her birth certificate?

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Dyra Sun 15-Mar-20 23:04:35

He definitely needs photo ID to be registered on the birth certificate. Unfortunately I think the witness needed for a statutory declaration would also need to see photo ID first as well.

I think in your case, I think you will have to register without your partner's details on the birth certificate, then add him at a later date once he has photo ID.

You can use whatever surname you want for your baby on the birth certificate.

Dyra Sun 15-Mar-20 23:32:26

I should also have said to contact your local registry office ahead of your appointment, and check with them exactly what they require as proof of ID.

The DirectGov Website lists council tax bills and other proofs of address (i.e. utility bills) as examples of IDs. Does your partner have either of those?

Sorry about that.

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