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fitting into trousers after childbrith..

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bumbly Sat 08-Sep-07 09:26:02

...virtually same weight as before preg

but...has anyone else found this...

gave birth 7 weeks ago...

seems like my hip bones have moved and thus I can no longer fit into any trousers from before...

will i get to wear my wardrobe again?

TaLcYcLe Sat 08-Sep-07 09:29:37 luck thing....never managed to get mine over my knees!!!

Clayhead Sat 08-Sep-07 09:31:01

I actually weighed less than before but still struggled to fit my clothes as everything had moved!! Unfortunately, in my case, never did get back to 'normal' but stayed same new shape after second child too.

BUT 7 weeks not very long so there's hope for you yet!

bumbly Sat 08-Sep-07 09:33:18

he he

trousers go all the way up to waist and then dont close....

had load sof lovely clothes and now cant fit into anything...but seems more like a "bone" thing..hence curious what other mumsnetters have experienced

breats also bigger but am sure those will go down to my already huge breast size pre preg

TaLcYcLe Sat 08-Sep-07 09:34:19

envy...was 7 and half stone when igot preggers....12 and half stone after dd1 was born

TaLcYcLe Sat 08-Sep-07 09:34:59

...congratulations btw bumblysmile

bumbly Sat 08-Sep-07 09:35:34

wow..but bet you still look lovely


TaLcYcLe Sat 08-Sep-07 09:38:43

.....hahahagrin...lost it all then did same with dd2 ...8 years ago.....always handy to have wide variety of clothes sizes...

beansontoast Sat 08-Sep-07 15:37:20

im 7 weeks ish too smile

skirts i can waist as reappeared
trousers however are scuppered by my post pregnancy GINAGOROUS butt and thighs

i think youll be ok in another month or so

spugs Mon 10-Sep-07 10:12:56

my bum and thighs are always way to big to fit in my pre preg clothes for a while as thats where all my weight goes. my friends just given birth a week ago and her size 10 jeans fit - however all her weights gone on her stomach so she still looks very pregnant. i think its a rareity to get to go home from hospital in your normal jeans

crokky Mon 10-Sep-07 10:15:22

give it some time, it may be that your body has changed shape, my friend said her hip bones had moved!

leo1978 Mon 10-Sep-07 10:17:09

Oh God - I remember weeping at Brent Cross because of this. You need a new wardrobe of one size ups. Top Shop do good bootleg jeans that have give at top and at waist and will balance you!

MrsBadger Mon 10-Sep-07 10:33:22

this is where those one-size-bigger trous you bought in the pre-matwear stages of early pg come in handy...
dd is 3wks and I can see myself staying this size for a while.

[strokes cheapo asda jeans that fit]

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