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Is this labour??

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twenty22 Thu 12-Mar-20 01:21:34

Wondering if someone could share their thoughts with me!!
I'm 38 weeks +4days, for the past 24 hours I've had period like cramping in my stomach and back. They've become slightly more painful but then ease off a little, not completely gone though.
I can't really tell whether i'm contracting or when, if I am it may be irregular or i'm just not picking it up every contraction.
I recently went to have a wee and noticed a very pink tinge on the paper when wiping along with some pink tinged wee in the toilet which i'm guessing is blood. I'm having a bit of lightening pain and the urge to (tmi) poo, gone once & it's soft but not runny. Could this be labour? Really really unsure, I've not called the hospital yet as I've not had any regular contractions (I think) or waters.

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feministmyarse Thu 12-Mar-20 01:44:58

It could be the start but once you start having contractions trust me you'll know lol.

twenty22 Thu 12-Mar-20 01:53:12

@feministmyarse i'm unsure as with my first I didn't realise, and when I did I gave birth pretty quick from that moment. Was also induced, so don't know what to expect this time naturally.

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iwanttoshakesomeppl Thu 12-Mar-20 02:19:15

Are the pains getting stronger?

twenty22 Thu 12-Mar-20 09:35:28

@iwanttoshakesomeppl slightly, they will linger for a while. They aren't increasingly getting stronger atm but haven't shifted at all just occasionally ease for a few minutes

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