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What don't the books tell you about birth?

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FeeFee382 Sun 08-Mar-20 19:40:08

Exactly that. What don't the textbooks tell you about childbirth.

Discuss. grin

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PaulinePetrovaPosey Sun 08-Mar-20 19:46:17

How quickly things can change. I went for a routine 38 week midwife appt at 9am, having had a textbook low risk pregnancy and set for a water birth.

MW diagnosed DD as transverse, and by 5pm that day I was cuddling her after a c section.

(C section was great, btw, and I'd do the same again)

Wanderer1 Sun 08-Mar-20 19:47:20

All the books I've read talk about birth. But then I am choosing ones that particularly focus on that. The positive birth book and Give Birth like a Feminist for starters.

Wanderer1 Sun 08-Mar-20 19:48:12

I misread your question sorry - I thought you said "why don't textbooks tell you about birth?". Brain fart, sorry!!

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sun 08-Mar-20 19:50:03

That the feelings of contractions can occur in odd places. 2nd baby it was all in the front of my thighs. Weirdest feeling ever.

ohwerehalfwaythere Sun 08-Mar-20 19:50:29

That's it's near impossible to pee in labour. Catheter it is! (Quick and Painless btw)

nosleepp Sun 08-Mar-20 19:50:56

That it can hurt in your bum

Bobbiepin Sun 08-Mar-20 19:51:01

How much else comes out with the baby. I looked at the bed and I was a bit shocked (and I'm not squeamish at all). I was more shocked when the midwife said "oh you didn't lose much blood at all." I was sitting in a puddle of it thinking "this isn't a lot of blood?!?!"

bobstersmum Sun 08-Mar-20 19:52:06

That after birth you bleed for weeks on end!

Eachpeachtree Sun 08-Mar-20 19:53:15

How to recover after it all (and how long it can take).

bingbangbing Sun 08-Mar-20 19:54:29

That you don't know what the word 'fear' actually means.

Sorry to tell you that

Windyatthebeach Sun 08-Mar-20 19:55:34

That it's messy, undignified and it hurts more than you can ever imagine - but that's normal!!. Ime the wondering if the pain was normal was more worrying than dealing with the pain...

FeeFee382 Sun 08-Mar-20 19:59:09

Don't worry @bingbangbing I've already had one.

Things I found:

1. You will never experience pain like it - not one book talked about how painful the syntocin drip is and that a recommended epidural should be had.

2. The pain of the birth and memory disappears after 12 weeks or so.

3. So. Much. Blood. After the birth for 6 weeks

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OneOfManyDays Sun 08-Mar-20 20:03:02

Yes to the PP who mentioned not being able to pee in labour. I totally couldn't despite knowing I needed to go and trying multiple times. In the end my labour progressed so quickly I just kind of forgot I needed it .... eventually went after DD arrived though!

I disagree about forgetting the pain after a bit. DD is 4. I recall it all vividly!

Charley50 Sun 08-Mar-20 20:05:34

They don't tell us the reality of giving birth as it would put so many women off having babies.

puds11 Sun 08-Mar-20 20:06:07

1. Babies look fucking gross when they come out and they are purple (big shock with my first).

2. You sweat like a mother fucker for a week or so after. I was having multiple showers a day and felt like burning the mattress after <boak>.

3. Hospitals are the hottest places on the planet!

Notso Sun 08-Mar-20 20:13:48

The extent of bleeding afterwards. Wasn't prepared for weeks of heavy bleeding and gigantic clots.

Afterpains. I didn't know about them and I didn't realise they could be as painful as labour, or that nobody would give me any pain relief for them. I asked for gas and air after DC4, they were that horrific I thought perhaps there was a missed twin I was giving birth to.

SeaToSki Sun 08-Mar-20 20:16:21

If you push the baby out like you push a poo out you are more likely to be doing it right.
And you will also probably push some poo out too!

20viona Sun 08-Mar-20 20:19:44

1. Inductions don't always take days like everyone makes out
2. Placentas can be stubborn and can ruin your first moments with your baby if it doesn't come out

IKEA888 Sun 08-Mar-20 20:22:12

bleeding! varies so much.

Smarshian Sun 08-Mar-20 20:22:14

The horror of the first post baby poo 🤯

wintertime6 Sun 08-Mar-20 20:22:39

That you keep getting contractions for days after giving birth, and sometimes they felt more painful than the actual birth!

And the bleeding that lasted for 8 weeks after giving birth, and it was pretty heavy.

Artus Sun 08-Mar-20 20:24:09

That anyone can be in such pain and not die!

Windyatthebeach Sun 08-Mar-20 20:25:13

After pains with subsequent babies are worse than labour ime...

Xyzzzzz Sun 08-Mar-20 20:28:18

The first poo And wee afterwards


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