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Considering a home birth

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mamaAJ Wed 04-Mar-20 11:12:31

Hi, I'm considering a home birth but have a high BMI - 37.5 at booking and 39 at 28 weeks.
This is my first baby.

I know they will advise me to deliver on the consultant labour ward but being midwife led and having a pretty text book pregnancy I'm considering a home birth.

Has anyone with a high BMI had their first baby at home?
Just looking for some experiences, positive or negative anything at all!

Thanks in advance smile xxx

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Wifeofbikerviking Thu 05-Mar-20 07:22:03

Could you consider maybe meeting their advice half way and going midwife led unit? I've only seen the one near me but it is very homely. Low lighting comfortable and really not like a hospital

Where to give birth is totally your decision of course. But I'd be wary of the reasons. High BMI increases your chance of needing intervention to safely birth the baby and delay in getting that intervention could put you both at risk.

I do have a number of friends and one sil with high bmi with very straightforward births, another sil with a terrible birth and high bmi. And me who was very slim and athletic pre baby who had a shit show of a birth.

First baby you just dont know how it's going to go and maybe home birth would be better for second if you plan on having one.

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