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First Period following childbirth

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typhoonsmum Tue 04-Sep-07 14:25:18

How long following childbirth was your first period. Started off BF'd but now only on FF. LO is now 24 days old. Keep getting niggles and wondering if this could be AF on her way!

Olihan Tue 04-Sep-07 14:29:25

Ds1 was 16 weeks and bf for 4 weeks, dd was 18 weeks and mixed fed for 8 weeks. Niggles could just be everything returning to normal, 24 days isn't long.

Mrsjaffabiffa Tue 04-Sep-07 20:56:09

My Af returned exactly 4 weeks after stopping to bf my 3 dc's. Dd2 is 15weeks now. sad enjoy I'm envy of your tiny one.

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