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baby having breathing difficulties

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Gorgeousxxx Tue 04-Sep-07 14:07:08

I gave birth to a beautiful girl 5 weeks ago, 8 hours old she was taken to special care and since then been in intensive care requiring a high amount of oxygen, she has gone through alot of antibiotics which do not seem to be helping.
she is have tests done which are getting referred to USA, she has had a broncoscopy done aswell last week, of which I was advised by this specialist he was hopeful. Since this i am awaiting on results but as this is nothing they have seen before and she isnt getting better, it seems the chances are slim of finding out and whether this could be life threatening???
Please please if anyone is out there who has had a experience like this at all, get in touch

Thanks Gorgeousxxx

NAB3 Tue 04-Sep-07 14:07:58

I have no experience but wanted to bump for you. I hope someone can help and you soon get answers.

Gorgeousxxx Tue 04-Sep-07 14:08:35


Overrun Tue 04-Sep-07 14:10:35


lulumama Tue 04-Sep-07 14:54:36

was she born early?

has she been diagnosed with anything ?

have you had a meeting with the specialist or spoken to neonatal nurse or paed and had any answers?

LiegeAndLief Tue 04-Sep-07 20:56:13

Sorry your little girl is so poorly. My son was born at 34 weeks and had trouble breathing, he was ventilated for 4 days and was on oxygen through nasal prongs for weeks. He was diagnosed with severe reflux and put on medication, but it didn't have a huge effect and I don't know if we ever got to the bottom of what was wrong with him despite several tests. He had to have several courses of antibiotics as he kept getting damp patches on his lungs, which was put down to reflux. After 7 weeks in SCBU he didn't need the oxygen any more and came home, although he was terribly snuffly for a long time and initially needed "de-latching" from the breast every few minutes to remind him to breathe. Was your daughter premature? It must be very hard for you with her in SCBU, it is difficult to think of yourself but try to make sure you eat properly and get some sleep. I hope she is better soon, if there's anything I can help you with just ask.

Gorgeousxxx Wed 05-Sep-07 12:13:34

she was 39 weeks - waterbirth, first of all they were saying it could be meconium that she swallowed in birth canal as she had cord round her neck so she may of got distressed, she is 6 weeks old friday and still needing alot of oxygen.

She has been referred to a unit who have specialists who deal with rare conditions, i am awaiting results but i keep thinking she is going to die, if she doesnt then this little fighter is a miracle i have been waiting for.
she has nothing else wrong but if it is one of three rare conditions then she wont live, it could be the cerfactant she is missing when growing in the womb, this cannot be produced if she hasnt got it, and she definately wont be able to live without!!?!?!
it so hard-my life is so complete with her here, its difficult to be without her when i leave her at nite in hospital.
I know whatever is meant to be will be and gods above. But I pray so hard!!!

its just the not knowing!!!


LiegeAndLief Wed 05-Sep-07 13:50:26

Oh that must be awful, I really feel for you. Afraid I don't know anything about breathing difficulties in term babies. My son didn't have enough surfactant and had to be given two doses while he was on the ventilator, but I think that was because he was premature. I know how horrible it is to leave the hospital and go back to a babyless house - is the hospital close by? I do hope you get some answers soon.

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