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I only had a small (no stitches) tear - but can there still be damage between vagina and anus?

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CanAnyoneAdvise Tue 04-Sep-07 13:13:30

Sorry about the over gory title. I'm hoping some of you wise people can help.

The story is:
- I had a baby 8 weeks ago. Delivery was pretty quick and I had a small perineal tear - no stitches. I have felt fine and fully recovered since the birth.
- Since the birth, but especially in the last few weeks, I have noticed that when I pass wind (how ladylike!) it can find its way to my vagina. As in... I pass wind, stand up and am still passing wind from the wrong hole.
- I have also noticed a couple of times that I have discharge that is a bit brown in colour. It's not obviously poo, but isn't like any discharge I've ever seen. I stopped bleeding ages ago. It is gross.

So I guess I am hoping that there is an innocuous reason.. ie... my pelvic floor is now worth nothing. Or that it's just a random occurance that I have brownish discharge. Is it possible to have a small tear that allows wind/poo to emerge? If so, what can I do??? [really hoping it's not this emoticon]

Does anyone have any advice or experience to share? Many many thanks in advance. I have to say despite losing all reserves in childbirth, I am feeling pretty embarrassed and mortified about this one...

papilion Tue 04-Sep-07 13:42:28

Hello CanAnyoneAdvise

Were these signs apparent when you had your 6 week post natal check? Did you mention them to the doctor?

Think you may be describing a fistula but it really needs a professional opinion.

Wind!! from the vagina.... embarrassing, but not unknown.

Faeces from vagina!!!!!!! definitely needs addressing.

Olihan Tue 04-Sep-07 13:50:19

How often are you getting the brown discharge? Is it just streaky on your knickers or more than that? I'm just wondering if it is still a bit of Lochia, mine carried on in tiny dribs and drabs for quite a while after the initial loss stopped.

I also do fanny farts grin the way you describe, especially if I'm sitting down when I break wind. TBH, I've put it down to everything being, ahem, looser down there so it gets a bit trapped, rather than anything more sinister.

CanAnyoneAdvise Tue 04-Sep-07 14:02:15

Thanks for your replies!

Discharge is just streaky and not every day.

I will mention to my . For some reason it didn't crop up at my 6 week check - it's only the past couple of weeks that the fanny farts grin have been on my mind, and I hadn't had the discharge at all. I have, however, re-started my pelvic floor exercises... so wonder if that might bring on a bit of lochia? Hm.

Thanks again!

4jen Tue 04-Sep-07 14:18:27

Have to agree with Paplilion. Get it checked, just in case it is a fistula. They can heal on their own if very small but it's best to get a professional opinion (referral to colorectal surgeon).

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