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Water birth after previous c-section?

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littlestar Mon 03-Sep-07 17:25:39

I'm due to give birth in a week or so, having had DS by elective c-section (he was breech). I've always wanted a water birth and the Home from Home birth section at my hospital are happy for me to do so. However, they have stressed that it would be at my own risk and that they have to recommend I give birth in the Hospital Birth section, where I can be continuously monitored (and would therefore have restricted movement during labour). This fits in with official VBAC guidelines, apparently. If I go for the water birth baby would be monitored every 15 minutes. If anything goes wrong I would be taken to the Hospital Birth centre immediately.

I would love to try for a water birth but am I taking an unnecessary risk? I would love to hear from anyone who's already faced this dilemma.

Klaw Mon 03-Sep-07 17:47:38

I haven't but I know quite a few who have had water births, even at home! I had my VBAC in hospital and hope to have a HWBAC if I have another child.

Have a look at
Mary Cronk's thoughts on Scar monitoring

ask your mw to read this

and make sure you have written a good birth plan

Risk of rupture is tiny, less than many other risks in childbirth but it is very real, as I have witnessed. Being well informed and making your own decisions about which risks you want to take is very important.

Labouring with a vigilant mw in the MLU attached to the hospital sounds very reasonable to me. You will be very close to theatre if you need it, however the chances that you will need it are 0.35% for UR.


littlestar Tue 04-Sep-07 10:24:47

Thanks Klaw, that's really useful. I think I'm going to go for it, and DH is being really supportive.

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