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Early signs...

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Sleepycat91 Sun 09-Feb-20 23:34:35

DS was born at 34+5, i had low back ache that went on for 4 days before my waters broke but nothing else happened so had to be induced but scrubbed the whole house top to bottom few days before. DD born at 35+1 and i was alot more in tune with my body. I had constant BH bottom of my belly for days before that were getting stronger and kicked off when i was active, i started to get REALLY restless, i didnt know if i was coming or going, what i wanted to do, then i lost my plug. The few hours before my waters leaked, i was sick and id gone off food that day too, wasnt hungry at all. I KNEW i was starting off and trusted my instincts

MrsCl19 Sun 09-Feb-20 20:38:43

Sorry op from 37 weeks I thought dd was coming lots of signs like you have said she ended up making her arrival 10 days late 🤣

Recommend lots of walking, squats and sitting on the birthing ball(if you have one)

I tried everything trick to get her to come ontime/earlier and nothing worked

pearl20 Sun 09-Feb-20 19:49:40

What were your early labour signs? I don't mean contractions or anything.

I'm 37 weeks today and have all of a sudden been unable to sleep, felt so restless, constantly feeling SO hot, regular Braxton Hicks, feeling very emotional (like I want to cry for no reason), past few days have had increased CM.

Could these be signs labour is around the corner? If so how soon could we be talking? grin

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