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Being induced at 36+5

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Ninjamomma Thu 06-Feb-20 19:13:05

I'm a little worried, being induced Tuesday at 36+5 due to IUGR, issues with the placenta and reduced movements.

Has anyone got any experience of being induced that early? I have been told it will be gel due to it being my second baby. Does it take longer with being so early? How big were your babies and did they need any help?

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SharpieInThe Thu 06-Feb-20 19:19:57

I've been induced and had a baby out early, although different babies.

Personally, unless you're on the verge of giving birth induction is a bloody trial and I find them exhausting, both physically and mentally. My induction wasn't my first birth. 4 bloody days.

My early baby (he stopped growing as much and then started with reduced movements) I insisted on a c-section. Made my case that if they were happy to induce then they obviously wanted him out and had evidence that he would be better out so lets just do it without a potential delay of days.

C-sections are not easy, and not without risk. However, it was the right choice for us the decision to get him out was made in the morning and I had him in the evening (monitored every minute while waiting) and I have wonderful memories of the birth. He needed no help although we had been warned to expect a quiet baby.

Ninjamomma Thu 06-Feb-20 20:17:16

I was induced with my first however I was 39+6, the consultant has said I'm a good candidate for induction because the first worked so quickly however I'm thinking because I'm much earlier this time that there is a good chance of a failed induction followed by a an EMCS which would surely be quite a lot of stress for a small baby

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SharpieInThe Fri 07-Feb-20 16:05:26

Are you bothered about a natural birth? If not perhaps discuss your options and include c-section in the mix.

C-section babies can need extra help just because they haven't been squeezed down a birth canal, apparently more likely to end up being separated from you for a bit while they care for them.

R2D2abc Sat 08-Feb-20 09:44:07

Hi, I've been induced at the same time as you my last pregnancy for IUGR. Although mine was third baby( first natural delivery, second was emergency c-section).

I had the pessary for first time mums, fell out after 6 hours and was 3 cm. Then midwife gave me a sweep and waited for a delivery suite to be free for me to have my waters broken. I waited 3 days for that as my contractions were up and down with no progression and other ladies came and needed a delivery suite. I did walk, jump continuously on the birthing ball, did all the stairs of the hospital. Nothing really moved things for me while waiting.

But after I went into my delivery suite and had my waters broken I delivered in 4 hours.

yestonodressyet Sat 08-Feb-20 10:49:50

I was induced at 36 weeks, I don't think my body was ready at all and he was my first. Took 3 days with 2 pessaries then onto the drip which they put up to the max level, broke my waters and I made it to 3cm so ended up with a c section. I would maybe discuss some boundaries for how long you're prepared for them to take before you insist on a section esp if you have another child at home to consider re childcare. My section was great, very relaxed we had the radio on and currently expecting so will def be booking in for a second.

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