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Induction - Do i go for it or wait?

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Chattyhan Sun 02-Sep-07 08:43:53

38 wks today! Ok so i really thought i might have delivered by now and consultant appointment on tues is looming so i'd like some advice please.

The appointment was set up to discuss induction if i hadn't had the baby due to back and pelvis problems and a generally difficult pregnancy. I'm very fed up, suffering with an uncomfortably itchy bump and stretchmarks growing by the day which is really depressing me. I've been willing things to happen naturally but i'm slightly anxious about induction! On one side i would have a definate end and wouldn't have to wait possibly another 3 wks, would be able to arrange childcare which is a problem at the moment as nearest help 2 hrs away, and my other fear of actually making it to the hospital due to quick labour last time wouldn't exist! But i've heard some negative things about induction mainly being stuck in a bed and unable to move around possibly lengthening labour and generally going against nature, which bothers me. I need to decide either way what i want to do. Any suggestions/experience of induction?

If anyone thinks it's relevent DS was born on his due date after a 3 1/2 hr labour.

Thanks grin

lisad123 Sun 02-Sep-07 10:31:12

No experience of induction sorry. I know when i was in ward last week, a lady was being induced and had to have a monitoring for atleast an hour straight away, with mw said was standard practice.
If you think you can manage for another 3 weeks, I would try and do they natural way. I too have heard that research shows if your induced, your more likely to need more intervention.
I would do some more research on it, and make your decision on that and your own ideas.
Good Luck

Chattyhan Sun 02-Sep-07 12:19:07

thanks for advice xx

i hadn't really thought about other intervention as last birth was so straightforward so thats something else to consider! I've heard from a couple of people who ended up having c-section and ventouse but a midwife has advised me my previous quick straightforward labour is a good sign.

Klaw Sun 02-Sep-07 12:57:28

Chattyhan, my personal view is that induction with no good medical reason is taking a risk too far!

I did a lot of research into this as I was planning a VBAC and went to 42+1! Had to fight off induction because I felt the risks for me were too great.

I appreciate that you are uncomfortable and fed up but do you really want to take the risk of a labour that ends up with further interventions such as forceps and episiotemy, or ventouse, or emCS? Of course, you may be lucky and it all runs smoothly but you can't guarantee that... I believe that the few women I've heard about that say induction was not a problem were fortunate that the process started just as labout was about to start anyway.

It is considered that hormones from baby start labour once baby is ready so if you induce before that you risk baby having respiratory problems. Which is why I say that only if a valid medical reason outweighs this should induction be considered. But this is my personal opinion which you are free to ignore if you wish.

Here are some links you may want to look at before making a final decision:

The last one about the Bishop's Score is something you could keep in mind when being assessed. If your score is above 9 you might consider going for induction as you are more likely to have a smoother experience.

I wish you luck in making this decision and only you can weigh up the pros and cons, only you know just how miserable you are and whether it's worth the risks.

If you opt to wait try to thing of ways to make the wait more bearable. Can you get to the swimming pool for some 'me' time? Water makes you weightless and supports youer joints, a nice warm shower afterwards is bliss! What about some aromatherapy and or massage sessions? either professionally or from dh or your best friend, mum or sis? Plan little treats to look forward to for the next 4 weeks, it should make the wait more bearable.

Also you might want to consider visiting an osteopath if your pelvis is really giving you gyp!

You might also want to check out the Pelvic partnership

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