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Anyone else had this pain

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Mummy2beAT Sat 25-Jan-20 11:30:29

Hi everyone I'm 36 weeks pregnant and have a constant aching sore pain down below. The last few days it was on and off and I assumed it was because baby was really low. Last night and today the pain seems to have moved over to the right side of my vagina/ down below but the pain is constant and sore and I'm struggling to walk properly . Has anyone else had this

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MamatobeFeb20 Sun 26-Jan-20 09:50:57

Im also struggling with this type of pain since last night - im 37+5 and was fairly comfortable apart from period type cramps for the past few days, until last night when all of a sudden i had this huge pressure type pain and could barely walk. I was 2/5th engaged at my midwife appt so surely the baby cant engage any further without me being in labour?! My previous baby was born at 35weeks but didnt have any signs like this before. Do you think this could be a sign labour could be imminent for both of us?!

Mummy2beAT Sun 26-Jan-20 10:25:25


I've read different things on other threads. I hope so but somehow I don't think it will be. I've tried to get answers off my midwife and she's not answering and don't want to ring the labour ward as it isn't an emergency

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Lucyjturn Sat 01-Feb-20 20:20:58

I had this pain and so did my sister, mine was right at the end so didn’t go to the doctors but my sister was diagnosed with SPD. For me I believe it was just baby’s head getting really low down and baby for me was engaged for 7 weeks so I don’t think it means your necessarily close just that baby is getting in a good position and is getting ready! Good luck both of you smile

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