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Ok, you are all very clever people. So I'd really appreciate it if...

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FlossALump Thu 30-Aug-07 10:51:20

someone could tell me when i'm going to go into labour. 38+1, and not at all p'd off with the pregnancy, just the uncertainty of when baby will arrive. DS arrived at 37+6 completely unexpectedly (as much as an expected baby can IYSWIM). So I'd really be ever so grateful if anyone on MN happens to know when baby may appear. TIA.

Alfie72 Thu 30-Aug-07 11:03:26

term is classified as between 37-40 weeks I think but you can go up to 42 weeks tops.

kitsandbits Thu 30-Aug-07 11:05:08

september 7th

Hurlyburly Thu 30-Aug-07 11:06:33

This is number two?

Well in that case, I am plumping for September 18th.

Yes, definitely, September 18th.

FlossALump Thu 30-Aug-07 11:49:40

Yes number 2. So not today then?!! hmm grin It would be most inconvinient as DP's car is in the garage with him, SIL who is supposed to be taking DS if needed is at a hospital app herself, and I have her DS here with me!!!!!

barbamama Thu 30-Aug-07 11:52:27

and me please! 39+5, had a show this morning, lots of braxton hicks. Due date 1st September.

Nbg Thu 30-Aug-07 11:57:16

You can guarentee it will happen at the most inconvienient time.

lemonaid Thu 30-Aug-07 12:01:14

I vote for 39+4.

Hurlyburly Thu 30-Aug-07 12:03:29

Barbamamma, I feel sure that yours is coming on September 7th.

Kitsandbits' psychic powers were getting a bit muddled. Obviously she knew you were coming on the thread but she responded to you before Flossalump.

No, you are perfectly okay today Floss. I assure you. In fact you can plan a dinner party for the weekend. grin

WaynettaSlob Thu 30-Aug-07 12:05:11

September 6th.....(in response to OP)

frazzledbutcalm Thu 30-Aug-07 12:18:01

I hv 4 - ds1 38wks
dd1 39wks + 5
dd2 40wks + 6
ds2 40wks + 1
i guess 10 sept wink

Eddas Thu 30-Aug-07 12:19:41

6th september

Eddas Thu 30-Aug-07 12:20:26

Barbamama I guess sat, so the due date, 1st september

lulumama Thu 30-Aug-07 14:03:53

sometime very soon grin

erm, 40 + 6

then any earlier is a bonus

barbamama Sat 01-Sep-07 19:48:28

aaagh waters just broken on the due date, no contractions yet. What's the average time it all kicks off after waters going?

midwife did an internal this morning and said nothing happenning didn't look imminent and didn't want to do a sweep as said babies head quite high so didn't want to risk puncturing the membranes because of risk of cord coming down etc. Is this anything to worry about given they've gone 8 hours or so later? Have been walking around all day.

frazzledbutcalm Sat 01-Sep-07 23:07:57

hope you;re ok barbamama. dc4 delivered 40 mins after waters broke!

Klaw Sun 02-Sep-07 13:04:18

Barbamama, just saw your post! Hope you are in the thros of labour as I type, But if not you've got 96 hours to get going from SRM! Keep an eye on your temp, get plenty of rest but also some brisk walks, stair climbing, nipple stimulation, and smooching!!! Eat and drink regular, keep well hydrated and empty bladder regular.

Thinking of you, sorry I wasn't around last night..... [damn and blast emoticon]

Klaw Sun 02-Sep-07 13:09:00

Flossalump, baby will arrive sometime in the next 4 weeks.

<< klaw polishes off her crystal ball >>


IdrisTheDragon Sun 02-Sep-07 13:10:40

September 8th. It's an excellent day to have a birthday wink.

Klaw Sun 02-Sep-07 13:49:08

ds will be 14 on Sept 6th wink Great day!

barbamama Sun 02-Sep-07 13:58:50

Hi everyone did anyone say 2nd september? Our baby boy was born at 4.55 this morning after a one hour labour (from arriving at hospital at 3 ish and being in the active bit 3/4 cm)! Everything went well and he popped out after 11 minutes of pushing - no getting stuck like last time! Labour was quick and intense but everything went to plan - no interventions, drugs, problems or anything - we were home at 9.00. Any second timers waiting to go - take heart, it can be done! Thanks all so much for your help and advice over the past few weeks it really helped!

FlossALump - hope it all goes as smoothly for you later on today!

Klaw Sun 02-Sep-07 14:05:10

OH Barbamama, I'm so happy for you!!! Very many congratulations and well done!!!! Enjoy your babymoon and lots of newborn squidginess!!

<< klaw skips off in delight grin >>

barbamama Sun 02-Sep-07 14:08:13

thank you - I am feeling very chuffed! The midwives were very good (if slightly sceptical here and there) but really respected our wishes and made sure it was a nice natural intervention free birth just as I had hoped for. Haven't even got any stitches (just a tiny tear). Gas and Air was great when I was really struggling with the contractions towards the end.

papilion Sun 02-Sep-07 14:14:59

Love the good outcome stories.


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