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VBAC within 11 months

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Twittlebee Thu 16-Jan-20 16:25:20


Just had a really confusing Consultant appointment where she contradicted her previous advice for me to have a ERCS considering it was only June I had my EMCS. She instead told me I should attend the hospital's hypnobirthing course and have a VBAC.

Has anyone had success of VBAC this soon after EMCS? Good chance I'll be only 10 months post EMCS too as expecting another pre term baby

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starglass Thu 16-Jan-20 18:42:36

This probably won't help, but I'm having a ELCS next week and it'll be 17 months after an EMCS,. I found the consultant advice vague and a little confusing too, and very much in favour of VBAC, but every midwife I've spoken to agrees that it's the right decision because of the short gap and the risk of uterine rupture/another EMCS. I found some of the system quite anti-elcs until it was actually agreed, and suddenly it was very positive.

My hospital had a Birth after Caesarean clinic with a midwife that I found very useful. It depends what you actually want, but you wont be wrong for insisting on an ELCS if that's what you feel comfortable with, likewise I'm sure you'll be very supported if you want a VBAC, but my only advice is to arm yourself with research and think about which option you feel happiest with, and be insistent if you have to argue for it. Good luck!

Twittlebee Thu 16-Jan-20 20:04:23

Thank you @starglass

Good luck with your ELCS next week!

I dont really know what I want, I was in the mind set of VBAC when I went into my first consultant appointment but the Consultant terrified me and made me realise that actually a ERCS would be better in terms of the stats. So I started gearing up mentally for that etc. So to then walk in to this appointment with the same consultant now pushing for VBAC really has thrown me

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starglass Thu 16-Jan-20 22:06:46

Oh that IS weird! I think it's such a personal decision, but some guidance from professionals is always going to be beneficial - except when they're giving you opposite information! Could you talk to a midwife about it? How many weeks are you now?

Twittlebee Fri 17-Jan-20 11:31:17

I am only 17 weeks but last baby was born at 28 weeks and have been told there is a high chance this baby will also be a preemie so already thinking ahead.

I've asked my MW if I can change consultants as I think I need a 2nd opinion

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