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Elective c section extreme anxiety

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claza89 Thu 09-Jan-20 21:21:33

Before I fell pregnant I had no issues with the thought of labour and had resigned myself to the fact it would be painful I've suffered on and off with anxiety my whole life but felt I was in a "good" place. I'm 16 weeks now and throughout the pregnancy so I've bled heavily intermittently f filling a pad each time I've had to go to the early pregnancy unit have an internal exam to confirm the cervix was closed and it was thankfully. I'm fine with smears but these vaginal exams for some reason have been unbearable painful I have been terrified to have one each time and now I'm doubting my ability to have a vaginal birth it's lead to panic attacks and sleepless nights I don't know whether I should request an elective c section or will I be laughed away I'm feeling really hopeless at the moment sad

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MyCatScaresDogs Thu 09-Jan-20 21:54:11

Whether you should request an elective section is one thing, but you certainly shouldn’t be laughed at for doing so. Have you been able to talk to your midwife about how you feel?

If you do think you want an elective, you would need to be referred to a consultant, which doesn’t need to be done right now but earlier is often better.

Alternatively, if it’s “just” the examinations that are bothering you (and I’m not trying to minimise your feelings about them), again, it might be worth talking to your midwife about the extent to which they are necessary during labour, as well as doing some research of your own. Lots of women find them painful or uncomfortable but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t have a vaginal delivery if that’s what you wanted.

Ribenaberriesgowoo82 Thu 09-Jan-20 23:20:13

Have you had a low lying placenta diagnosed at this stage? This may well come at your 20 week scan due to the bleeding. This will necessitate your need for a c section if it doesn't move as you can't give birth vaginally if the placenta is in the way.

Have they given you any reason at all for the bleeding?

claza89 Fri 10-Jan-20 11:03:34

Hello it's nice to feel heardsmile

They haven't given me anything concrete as a reason they said possible cervical changes possible a UTI they asked me if I had been having lots of rough sex or fallen I'm not having sex and not had a fall. Hoping for more answers in the 20 week scan .... Just wish I could get this anxiety away from me

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