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Birth at Royal Free London

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newbeginnings2020 Mon 06-Jan-20 17:04:59

Hello ladies,

I’m due to give birth in February. We recently moved homes and are considering transferring to the Royal Free in Hampstead. I’ve found very few reviews about the RF maternity unit and was hoping some of you could share thoughts about your recent birthing experience at the RF.

Any thoughts are appreciated. wink

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nwort99 Sat 22-Feb-20 16:44:48

The staff are lovely. I had to be induced which I was really terrified about. The experience wasn't so bad but I must say the ante/postnatal ward was imo super depressing. Dinner lady style slop for food and the walls look like they've not been cleaned for a while. Ended up living off M&S food for the few days. There's wipes about though so we took the liberty of wiping our little section before settling in. I was also kinda disappointed there was no reference to my birth plan or discussion of it, so it couldn't have been further from what I had hoped for. Standard NHS style I guess. I'd like to try the birth centre next time. I had originally planned a home birth.

user1464279374 Sun 23-Feb-20 21:47:51

I was in the labour ward 3 years ago (and back again soon) and had a pretty good experience. In for 22 hours in total and only one nurse was less than lovely. I'd definitely bring your own food though as the poster says above! Not sure what the birth pool side of things is like but did see it on the tour and it looks great.

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