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Skin to skin

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pinksquash13 Sat 04-Jan-20 03:03:25

Hello all. Due first baby in Feb. My hospital encourage 'golden hour' straight after birth which is skin to skin with the mother. I've read that this promotes bonding, breastfeeding and regulates temperature. How does this work with the birth partner? Does it mean my husband shouldn't hold the baby in the first hour? Please can you tell me what happened in your births with regards to this. Thanks in advance.

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LoisLittsLover Sat 04-Jan-20 03:11:23

My hospital also encourages the golden hour - dh held dd aftwr about 10 mins as I needed a bit of extra support with the placenta and he did it topless so.also contributed to the skin to skin

bumpysleighridejack Sat 04-Jan-20 03:18:09

Yup what I did was whip my top off straight away so they could lay baby straight on my chest and they wrapped a towel round us. I actually found baby started rooting for a feed and latched almost straight away. After that I handed them to DH who also had his top off for a good cuddle. Good luck and congratulations!

elliejjtiny Sat 04-Jan-20 03:34:17

With my vaginal births I had skin to skin with the baby for the first 1/2 an hour and then dh had skin to skin while I delivered the placenta. With my c-sections we didn't do skin to skin.

OhWellThatsJustGreat Sat 04-Jan-20 03:49:15

We did skin to skin for the first 15 minutes then he went to dh for cuddles when the Dr came in to stitch me up (3 tears) he was then weighed etc and I had him for another hour or so while we sat in the delivery suite waiting for a bed. DH used that time to tell parents and inlaws and work that baby had arrived.

pinksquash13 Sat 04-Jan-20 14:44:39

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm overthinking every detail at this point! 6 weeks to go (perhaps) smile

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Dearymeop Sat 04-Jan-20 14:45:59

You’re overthinking

WeirdPookah Sat 04-Jan-20 14:48:15

I held my daughter and tried very first breastfeeding then my husband held her with his shirt off while I had a shower. It was lovely for us both.

Though she did then pass meconium on him!

Dinosauratemydaffodils Sat 04-Jan-20 22:01:40

Dc1 - emcs and no skin to skin due to the state he and I were in.
Dc2 - also emcs. She was on my chest about 4-5 minutes after her delivery (delayed cord clamping, very quick rub down from midwife plus hat and then given to me) and stayed there for about 3 hours apart from the few minutes when they got me back into bed. I only let go when they turned up with tea and toast. They did all her measurements etc then too and the doctor who delivered her got a quick cuddle before dh.

I had a ton of milk by day 3 with both of them.

SallyLovesCheese Sat 04-Jan-20 22:04:59

You're overthinking!

I had a shirt on so when I gave birth unbuttoned my shirt so baby could be put straight on my chest. I held him for at least 45 minutes while I was stitched. When I went for a shower DH held him, also skin-to-skin.

But this was all kind of done for me. The only thought I put into it was wearing something I could unbutton! The midwives should help you out with it once you've given birth.

RhymingRabbit3 Sat 04-Jan-20 22:07:34

We did skin to skin straight away for about 30 minutes. Don't worry, your partner will have plenty of opportunity to cuddle baby later as that first short time is important for you and baby.

firstimemamma Sat 04-Jan-20 22:21:19

Imo a 'golden hour' doesn't necessarily have to mean no-one else but you holding the baby for the first hour.

Here's how it went for me and I wouldn't have changed a thing:

- ds born in birthing pool. I held him for a magical 10 mins before the cord was cut. Ds was passed to my fiancé so I could get out of the pool.

- I can't remember who was holding ds while I pushed out the placenta but I can assure you it obviously wasn't me - I had to spend a lot of time leaning over the edge of the bed and it took 45 mins for it to come out I wish someone had warned me

- I cuddled baby in the bed and he had his first breastfeed. Baby was wrapped in a towel with a hat on.

- fiancé held baby while I had stitches

- then baby had loads of skin-to-skin time with me!

We spent loads of time in the postnatal ward having skin to skin and also for the first few months of ds' life! We have an incredible bond. Imo it's not just the first hour of baby's life that's key but the skin to skin in the early days generally.

glowingtwig Sat 11-Jan-20 04:51:16

You'll just know when the time comes smile
With my dd I had skin to skin for a good while before DH cut the cord and a first attempt at breastfeeding. Then she went to DH for a cuddle on him skin to skin while I delivered the placenta (it requires a bit of concentration and you just want it out so the whole thing is done with and you can enjoy the lovely newborn cuddles) and was stitched up. Then back to me again.
You can have loads of lovely skin to skin the days after too which helps with milk.

Stilllivinghere Sat 11-Jan-20 04:58:45

No skin to skin for either of mine, BF both, no supply issues.

Nuttyaboutnutella Sat 11-Jan-20 05:14:49

It's a lovely idea and great if you can do it but please don't get too hung up on it either.

My experience...
Dc1: wasn't able to do it as I was passing out, bleeding, needed stitches, etc. DP held DS for two hours solid while I was recovering. He's nearly 3, we have a fantastic bond, have from day 1, I'm definitely his favourite person grin breastfed for 6 weeks, I actually had oversupply.

Dc2, did the whole skin to skin. Wasn't able to breastfeed properly (tongue tie, plus other stuff going on) and while I adore her, it's only around 6 months that I felt I really, truly bonded with her.

Obviously just my experience and StS in lovely but I also think some new mums can put too much pressure on themselves about jt. Congratulations and good luck smile

MammaPyjama Sat 11-Jan-20 12:11:29

Didn't do this with either of mine. Had two EMCSs after going into labour early ahead of planned section date. Both times I got a quick cuddle then they were taken off for weighing etc (DH went with them) while I was stitched up, then I was wheeled into recovery and DH handed them to me. I have breastfed both with no problems, bonded with both, and while I can't comment on their temperature regulation I'm certainly not aware of any issues!

I'm not saying it's not a "nice to have" and obviously there's a reason hospitals aim for this. But don't get fixated on it. There are far more important factors in getting breastfeeding established, and most people bond with their babies. Don't sweat it!

elliejjtiny Sat 11-Jan-20 16:45:40

@MammaPyjama you speak a lot of sense. I found a lot of professionals went on and on about the importance of skin to skin and breastfeeding straight after birth etc and the walls of the maternity unit were covered in posters saying the same thing. Of course with some women and babies it doesn't happen like that. I wish the midwives and the posters had taken your approach and said that skin to skin straight after birth was a good thing but not to worry if it doesn't happen.

CupCupGoose Sun 12-Jan-20 17:44:26

I didn't have any skin to skin with either of mine and breastfed both until they were 2. With my second, he got taken away as soon as he was born and I didn't even get a chance to breastfeed him until he was about a day old.

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