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Sounds stupid... but how to shower after c section?

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SexlessBoulderBelly Sun 29-Dec-19 01:13:06

I’m embarrassed to have to ask. But I have quite bad anxiety and my worst fear is getting an infection or sepsis after my c section on Tuesday.

I’ve read into how to look after the incision afterwards and regularly showers are recommend (twice a day?) they say just to use water on the wound and make sure it is super super dry all of the time.

So my question is, if only using water is best.. what do I do about shampoo, conditioner and body wash? I feel like all those suds and bubbles in the wound wouldn’t do it much good if they’ve got dirt in from my hair and body.

Am I just over thinking it?

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1plus2equalstrouble Sun 29-Dec-19 01:16:04


And I've certainly not been told to shower twice a day...

The suds are running down and being immediately washed off, so thry won't get into your wound. By the time the dressing has come off, your wound should be sealed. Not fully healed, but sealed shut.

SexlessBoulderBelly Sun 29-Dec-19 01:20:15

Ah thank you grin I’m just a worrier blush

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zaffa Sun 29-Dec-19 01:22:19

Actually I did get an infection (very mild, not painful only know about it because the midwife checked the wound and sent off for a swab as it was quite red) but I was then advised to shower twice a day, which has luckily meant no further infections. I was also told by my surgeon that some soapy water is fine provided it is plain soap - like dove.

I was also advised to air the incision a few times a day - as where it is can get quite sweaty. It depends on whether you have any overhang from your tummy too, sadly I do so more prone to sweating and needing to be aired. Also I didn't have a dressing, they took it off before they discharged me from hospital.

Someone on here recommended dabbing it dry with a maternity towel, which turned out to be genius as they are hypo allergenic and also absorbent so it dries up well. Also someone recommended drying the incision after a shower with the hairdryer set to cool (I was warned about heat and the incision in the hospital - no standing in front of a hot oven 😂).

SexlessBoulderBelly Sun 29-Dec-19 01:29:38

What happens with heat and incision? My oven is a belly burner anyway so I think I’ve just dodged a bullet thank to you!

Oh gosh ok so plain soap, lots of air and less worrying. I’m working on it grin

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meandmycoffeecup Sun 29-Dec-19 01:37:11

I was told to shower the day after my c section. I used regular soap but i was told to make sure that the area is completely dry. They removed the dressing after my shower. It’s really modern now the way they seal the wound compared to the stories i heard from my mum 😀

SexlessBoulderBelly Sun 29-Dec-19 01:42:55

the thought of a large incision and being stitched up makes me feel quite nauseous I’m hoping I can cope enough to take really good care of it.

I was fairly gutted I couldn’t be induced or go to full term and wait for natural labour. I thought being a fit and healthy 23 year old would go in my favour to some extent but c section is the safest way out for DD, dreading it. sad

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1300cakes Sun 29-Dec-19 01:44:59

It's much easier than you're imagining. Just shower normally and pat the incision dry. Good luck smile

1300cakes Sun 29-Dec-19 01:48:00

X post, don't worry OP. Yes, some people have problems with infection but most don't. Mine healed surprisingly fast. It didn't really need any special care. Just normal showering is fine. I just tried to forget about it really.

SexlessBoulderBelly Sun 29-Dec-19 01:48:05

@1300cupcakes Thank you smile

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anon2000000000 Sun 29-Dec-19 01:51:12

Use a hairdryer on first setting to keep the area nice and dry.

Fouroutoffour Sun 29-Dec-19 01:53:21

I had a waterproof dressing in the hospital. I can't remember what (if anything) I had on it after that. I don't recall being given any advice on how to look after it. I think I couldn't actually see it myself? Anyway, you'll be finesmile

puds11 Sun 29-Dec-19 01:54:01

Shower normally, dry the incision with a hair dryer. Wash daily and check it daily. I found I sweat a lot after I had the baby so was showering twice daily for the first couple of weeks, but I did have her in the summer.

Making sure the wound is clean and dry is the best way for preventing infection. Make sure you have knickers that don’t sit in your bikini line. I bought some massive cotton granny knickers and some specific c section knickers for afterwards. I’m still wearing them 6 months on! I didn’t get any infections but I did get a little blood blister on the edge of my scar. It went away but made sure it was clean and dry.

goingtoneedabiggercar Sun 29-Dec-19 02:27:46

I'm 5 nearly 6 weeks after my c-section. Dressing came off after 2/3 days. Cleaned once a day in the shower with sanex 0%. Dried with the hairdryer. I'm quite big so I have an overhang, the only issue I've had is yeast infection, it hasn't affected the healing one bit, just uncomfortable.
It's definitely not as bad as you're imagining it to be.

Nat6999 Sun 29-Dec-19 02:41:14

Once I got home, I had quick baths with Epsom salts in it, only washed with aqueous cream. I gently patted my scar dry & finished it off with the hairdryer.

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