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immobile labour?

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toadstool Sun 26-Aug-07 18:07:57

I am now 36+5 weeks PG and have a fractured leg that has to be non weight-bearing until well after the EDD. So I've been pretty much bed-ridden for over 6 weeks now, and have nil chance of a mobile labour (LO is breech but that's another issue at this stage). Question: can anyone recommend positions or movements that do not involve going on all 4s, walking, etc., esp as my muscle tone/strength are very low by now? I do want to avoid a CS as I need abdominal muscles for recovery!

nailpolish Sun 26-Aug-07 18:13:26

could you lean forward (right forward) over the end of the bed? i did that with dd1 - also used one of these huge balls - bouncing on that relieved the low pelvic pain i had
with dd2 i was on my left side - lying flat (on the floor! but thats irrelevant)
good luck

domesticgrumpess Sun 26-Aug-07 18:14:28

Message withdrawn

LilianGish Sun 26-Aug-07 18:56:46

Probably going to get slammed for this suggestion, but have you thought about having an epidural. I gave birth in Paris where they are pretty much de rigeur - it was the only pain relief option at the hospital where I gave birth and the only way you were allowed to give birth was flat on your back. I was not optimistic as all my preparatory reading was English books suggesting this would slow down labour, increase the risk of intervention etc etc (as mumsnetters will no doubt be queueing up to point out). I had a seven-and-a-half-hour labour with my first one and five hours the second time, dd required seven pushes, ds nine (he was substantially bigger) - all in all an extremely satisfactory experience on both occasions. I didn't have much choice in the matter at the time, but given the choice that's what I would choose if I had another one. I should think it could be quite a good option for you if your leg is broken even if your natural inclination is towards birthing pools and lavender oil (as mine would have been given the choice first time round).

MKG Sun 26-Aug-07 19:53:31

Have you thought about laboring and pushing while lying on your left side. I did with ds1 and it helped me stay relaxed.

I was flat on my back with ds2 because he was getting distressed in other positions (cord around his neck) It really wasn't too bad.

lulumama Sun 26-Aug-07 19:57:33

left lateral, as MKG has said.. but if you can be sat up for any part of your labour, that would be good....

toadstool Mon 27-Aug-07 10:50:36

Thank you! As you say, water birth and (alas) birthing balls are out because of the risk of falling. Left lateral is getting easier, so that's a really good suggestion for labouring (the left side of the right leg is the broken one and lying that way does pressurise the area but I'm going onto my left side now at night). I had an epidural for my first labour, and will probably have one again, but positioning is still an issue, as I get pain in the knee if I squat up - if there's no pain to be felt, there's a risk of damaging something... I'll look into pulsatilla.
One question, I saw a photo once of a birthing chair, a bit like a commode with the middle bit missing. Do these still exist in the UK? I would assume that disabled mothers would need them but maybe they're out of date?

goingfor3 Mon 27-Aug-07 11:02:41

My firend used a birthing stool just over a year ago in a nhs hospital so they must be around if you ask.

toadstool Mon 27-Aug-07 15:38:51

Brilliant! smile I'll ask if they have one at my mat unit.

BetsyBoop Mon 27-Aug-07 22:14:03

do you know what sort of beds the delivery suite has? At my hospital they are so adjustable that you can effectively be "sat up" in the squatting position on the bed (both the foot end & head end adjust by almost 90 degrees), but you'll have minimal weight on your legs if you KWIM.

If yours has the same fancy delivery beds it would definitely be worth experimenting with the adjusting bits to see what positions were comfy - perhaps you could arrange to do this before you go into labour given your current state?

also some hospitals have birthing balls within a frame with a "back" on them & you can sit on them "backwards" & lean on this for support & stability - if they have one of these it might be an option (can understand you not wanting to try a normal birthing ball though grin

SlightlyMadShockwave Mon 27-Aug-07 22:18:05

Toadstool - yes they do still have birth stools - and I was about to suggest it - if you can get comfy on it with your leg outstretched. It is actually really good for speeding up labour (as I found out). May not be compatible with an epidural though.

BetsyBoop Mon 27-Aug-07 22:29:48

the birthing ball thing I was talking about is like this one

toadstool Tue 28-Aug-07 10:12:33

Gosh, that birth ball looks impressive! From what I recall 5 years ago, there were some adjustments that could be made to the bed. I'll ask the MW about the availability of these birthing stools, as I think one would help a lot (being near the floor feels less perilous that dangling a leg off the side of a bed). Hey ho...Many thanks to all!

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