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Planned C section

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Rmac90 Wed 25-Dec-19 16:10:20

Hey ladies,

Has anyone had a planned C section before and willing to share their experience with it and their recovery? I have been advised to go for a section over a natural birth and nervous of having a section this is my first baby! smile

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Nanmumandmidwife Wed 25-Dec-19 18:47:36

What is the reason for advising elective section?

Rmac90 Wed 25-Dec-19 21:29:41

@Nanmumandmidwife due to blood clots and a few other complications I have had along the way, I have spent quiet a bit of my pregnancy in hospital unwell 👎🏼

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charlotteodonnell Wed 25-Dec-19 22:06:28

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welshweasel Thu 26-Dec-19 13:05:58

I’ve had 2 planned sections. Both were very positive experiences. The operation is very quick and the baby is out within a few minutes so you don’t really notice the time passing when they are stitching you up. The first 12 hours is hard as you can’t move very well so are reliant on help for everything. Once you get the feeling back in your legs then they’ll get you up for a wash and a sit out. Usually you get to go home the following day. My recovery was quick, I was able to walk to the pub for lunch on day 3, was driving by day 10. Good luck!

DorotheaHomeAlone Thu 26-Dec-19 13:17:07

I had very similar experience to pp. even after my emcs I felt pretty ok within a day. I was up and walking yet a few hours and pushed to have my catheter out ASAP. Once that was gone I felt much more myself again. Home the following day each time.

Two tips - set a timer and take your pain relief regularly for the first week at least. And use the opportunity to really rest and cuddle your baby. Don’t overdo it for the first fortnight.

DH did all nappies, food, housework, active childcare of older kids for about 2 weeks. I mostly sat around feeding and cuddling the baby. Got up for little walks in the park from time to time. I recovered quickly and bf successfully both times and I credit this team approach for that.

Good luck!! I’m having my 3rd section in a month and feel very relaxed about it. smile

Rmac90 Thu 26-Dec-19 16:54:54

@welshweasel @DorotheaHomeAlone thanks for sharing ladies! I really wanted to try for a natural birth but there is more cons than pros for me with natural which is disheartening! But as long as my baby arrives save that is the main thing 🙌🏼

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happyendings1 Tue 31-Dec-19 18:28:37

Really positive! Had planned c-section and it was the easiest part of my pregnancy! As other users have said; baby comes out quick, but they take a while sewing you back up. Had to stay one night in hospital. Take all the painkillers they give you! Don't try and any be a hero! Needed help getting in and out of the bath for a couple of days and I didn't do much for the first week part from cuddle and feed the baby. DH did all nappies, domestic chores etc. Good luck!

AlwaysColdHands Tue 31-Dec-19 18:49:07

I’ve had two, both very positive. The first week or so is really tough in terms of your movement, but take painkillers, keep moving little & often and it’s perfectly manageable.
Lovely and calm (slightly surreal) going into theatre and fab anaesthetists both times. I felt absolutely no rummaging or pushing as some people report, both times they surprised me with how fast baby came out, just the stitching etc that takes longer.
2nd time around I was given all sorts of options such as screen raised/lowered, ‘gentle’ birth and so on, so hopefully you’ll get someone to talk you through all that thoroughly beforehand.

Good tips I picked up from threads on here beforehand about what to take in hospital bag:
- peppermint oil capsules. All that rummaging in your belly can result in absolutely excruciating trapped wind, honestly don’t underestimate how bad this can be
- shower gel in a bottle with a hook (you won’t be able to bend down and I’ve never seen a hospital shower with a shelf for your toiletries!)
- flip flops or slippers you can just slide your feet into, hands free
- very high waisted underwear/ leggings to wear afterwards
- don’t drive home on a route with ramps or a bumpy road 😭

My youngest is now 8 months and although I’ve a little reduced sensitivity around the scars, I’m lucky to have no overhang or problems, nice and neat scars in bikini line. No problems breastfeeding straight away both ones too.

There are lots of good threads about c-sections on here which were so helpful to me, so have a good read of them, ask questions, & best of luck 👍🏻

LittleDoveLove Tue 21-Jan-20 22:29:44

I had one, all very calm and recovery wasn't bad at all. Only problem I had was I can't sleep on my back so that was a pain! I got a V shape pillow which did help though. smile

allfurcoatnoknickers Thu 23-Jan-20 15:35:15

I had a planned section because my baby was breech and I loooooved it. It was so calm, and so easy. I also had a really quick recovery. Was up and out of bed in 24 hours and was doing laps around the ward shortly after that, as I refused to have the blood thinners (those shots HURT. No thanks). Honestly, the worst part was having the cannula put in.

Take all the pain killers! I was a bit achey and stiff, but didn't feel any actual pain during my recovery, because I kept on top of the meds.
My scar is so thin you can barely see it, and I don't have an overhang.

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