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Curiousl Sat 14-Dec-19 21:05:35


Just wanted to know if anyone else has been through this. I think I might be pregnant but too soon to do a test. Iv have just had a baby not long ago. DD is 21weeks now. Also had a c section. I don't mind having another baby but I'm actually quite scared! What if there's complications because I had c section! Will I have another c section with the second baby. Is it even safe for me to have another baby or is it too soon??

Has anyone else ever had another baby so soon after c section?? If so how was it?? Please need some advice ??? Thanks

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CloudyVanilla Sat 14-Dec-19 21:10:49

Oh dear flowers not my personal experience by a friend of mine is also pregnant and she was told she needed to wait at least a year before trying so as to reduce the risk of rupturing the scar tissue of the uterus?

If you do turn out to be pregnant, I would contact your GP/MW depending on your referral process and ask their advice for sure as you may need closer management. If you aren't, I would really recommend getting on contraception for a few months even if you are planning another, to allow yourself time to heal fully smile

Curiousl Sat 14-Dec-19 21:18:56

@CloudyVanilla how far is your friend ? Also how old is her child? If u don't mind me asking. Have they said she may have another c section? Sorry for all the questions just quite nervous lol.

Yeah I'm on the pill at the moment but I missed a day Iv been so busy with my little one I forgot so Iv made an appointment to get the coil instead so no faffing around with pills.

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Booboostwo Sat 14-Dec-19 21:23:49

I was also told to wait a year after a c-section. I had a three year gap and another c-section with no problems, but I do think you need to speak with a doctor.

Dinosauratemydaffodils Sat 14-Dec-19 21:29:16

I have a 3 year gap but I was told by multiple hcps that six months was fine to start trying again. Dc1 was an emcs in which my uterus tore. I just wasn't up to it emotionally.

One of my best friends had 3 emcs in 3 and a half years, she and her kids are all absolutely fine.

legalseagull Sat 14-Dec-19 21:39:17

Don't panic op. I got pregnant 5 months after my c section. No one batted an eyelid. The advice is a year but don't forget it's going to be months and months before there's much stretching and pulling of your uterus. My consultant even said it was fine and the chance of rupture is very very low. I tried for a VBAC but ended up having a second Cs as my boy was breech. All went perfectly.

thejoysofboys Sat 14-Dec-19 21:49:13

OP, obviously wait until you’ve done a test and then see a midwife if it’s positive.
A friend of mine had two CS in 18 months. Her DC1 was 9 months old when she fell pregnant with DC2.
She was given two dates for her second CS, a Friday or the following Monday. She chose the Friday and when she had the section the consultant said she wouldn’t have made it to the Monday as her scar was stretched so thin it would have torn.
In fact she almost had to have a hysterectomy in theatre as her uterus was so thin they struggled to stitch it.
In the end, all was well but it could have been a very different story. If she’d been more carefully monitored she’d have had the section a few weeks earlier and not had anywhere near the risk.
I don’t want you to worry but I do want you to be safe! Please just get medical advice if the test is positive x

curiousl Sat 14-Dec-19 21:52:18

@legalseagull thank you. I feel so much better lol even though I know everyone's experience is different. But Atleast I have abit of reassurance. I don't even know if I'm pregnant yet but I'm just so nervous. I don't mind having another baby as I have a lot of support from my family so now would be best to have another child as years down the line I might not have the same support around me.

curiousl Sat 14-Dec-19 21:55:29

@thejoysofboys wow thank you very much for the advice. That's quite scary but you are right I have heard that there are risks of ruptured uterus as not fully healed. Let's just see how this tests goes. I'm guna wait another few weeks. But I was wondering also if I carry on taking the mini pill is this going to affect the baby ? Will it harm the baby or does it not affect it ?

CloudyVanilla Sat 14-Dec-19 21:59:37

Hi OP my friend did wait the recommended year and is due this month, 4 weeks before me. She is around 37 weeks now and is aiming for a VBAC but they may do another c section if she goes too far over smile

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