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How many allowed in room whilst giving birth

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mrssunshinexxx Sat 14-Dec-19 08:12:37

Has anyone had/Been allowed 3 birthing partners ?

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cocomelon23 Sat 14-Dec-19 08:15:39

2 are allowed in my hospital

LetThemEatDrama Sat 14-Dec-19 08:17:09

Our hospital only allowed two, and although the rooms weren't at all cramped I can imagine 3 being too much on top of midwives trying to do their jobs. I also can't imagine 'needing' 3, I'm wondering who these are? Surely at most you need your 'partner', whether that's the baby's father or a relative or close friend and then possibly an alternate support such as a doula or a friend if DP is likely to be not sufficient!

areyouafraidofthedark Sat 14-Dec-19 08:17:43

Two at my hospital.

Scotmummy1216 Sat 14-Dec-19 08:21:57

Usually its two but midwife depending they will let you stay at mines. I had my other half, mum and sister. Only other half seen birth as had an emergency c section in end and second time was elective so just me and other half. My sister recently had a baby and she also had 3 including me was up to individual midwife though.

mrssunshinexxx Sat 14-Dec-19 08:24:02

@LetThemEatDrama I didn't ask you to try and imagine anything.

I asked how many you were allowed when you gave birth

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mrssunshinexxx Sat 14-Dec-19 08:24:32

Thanks @Scotmummy1216 that really helpful I will maybe mention to midwife and see what she says x

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Overdueanamechange Sat 14-Dec-19 08:27:28

I couldn't imagine wanting any more than 1. You want a nice calm environment. As long as everything goes to plan you will just have a couple of midwives with you for the birth, as I did for my second. I can imagine it being crowded with 5 people in the room. With first DC I had a ventouse delivery, so needed a team of 4 medical staff - 7 people in the room would have been chaotic.

LaMarschallin Sat 14-Dec-19 08:28:48

@LetThemEatDrama I didn't ask you to try and imagine anything.

I asked how many you were allowed when you gave birth

Well, you chose a lovely apt MN name, mrssunshinexxx

(Yes, I know: you didn't ask for a comment on your name.
That's the trouble with posting on a public forum.)

mrssunshinexxx Sat 14-Dec-19 08:33:14

This is the problem though people just ignore the questions.. I asked how many you were allowed in with you in your hospital not suggestions on how many I should have ? It's baffling honestly

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Babdoc Sat 14-Dec-19 08:34:12

Were you planning on selling tickets, OP?grin

mrssunshinexxx Sat 14-Dec-19 08:36:33

@Babdoc yeah! Why not wink

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Overdueanamechange Sat 14-Dec-19 08:36:45

People are taking the time to help you and answer your questions by sharing their own experiences. Kind of the point of this forum. You come across as very rude, a bit of a Mumzilla perhaps grin

mrssunshinexxx Sat 14-Dec-19 08:39:17

@Overdueanamechange I think 2 people have answered the question I have asked.. the rest have all just been people giving opinions I haven't asked for. It's quite a simple question really

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Poppyfields21 Sat 14-Dec-19 08:41:03

Someone got out the wrong side of the bed this morning...

KrampusTime Sat 14-Dec-19 08:42:45


OccasionalNachos Sat 14-Dec-19 08:43:39

The thing is OP your hospital/unit might have policies or limits that others’ experiences won’t make a blind bit of difference to.

SquishySquirmy Sat 14-Dec-19 08:45:11

Depends on the hospital.
And whether you are in a sitcom (they always have all the main characters assembled for a birth, don't they?)

00100001 Sat 14-Dec-19 08:45:22

Only 2.
It's because the hospital want what is in the best interests of the woman...

But I think PPs are only asking why you want 3, because a lot of women feel 'forced' into asking/inviting people they don't actually want there
For example if you want your mum and DP, You might feel compelled to invite DPs mum.

Also some women were having allmand sundry there, not practical.

At the end of the day, would you have multiple people with you at something like .... A heart bypass? Probably not.

mrssunshinexxx Sat 14-Dec-19 08:45:26

@OccasionalNachos good point, just wanted a general idea if seems as though it's mainly 2 in which case I'll just have dh smile

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babycatcher411 Sat 14-Dec-19 08:46:07

Where I work 2 is the rule, which is usually only bent in very unusual circumstances.

Generally the rooms are small, to many people in the room make it challenging to provide care properly, especially in an emergency, whilst not really benefiting mum in any real way.

mrssunshinexxx Sat 14-Dec-19 08:46:26

@00100001 I appreciate your response x

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LaMarschallin Sat 14-Dec-19 08:47:35

I think 2 people have answered the question I have asked..

Well, 4 (up to me typing this) have given answers to the best of their knowledge (telling you what happens in their hospital).
So far 1 person has given you the answer you seem to want ("3") and you reply I will maybe mention to midwife and see what she says x.
Were you perhaps hoping to print out a whole thread of replies saying, "Ooh! 3! Defo. Barely enough really etc" to mention to your midwife?

ShinyNewNameTimeAgain Sat 14-Dec-19 08:48:04

If you don’t want anything other than a definitive answer to your question surely it’s easier to phone your hospital than be a dick to posters trying to help.

AppropriateAdult Sat 14-Dec-19 08:48:38

The poster you were so rude to did answer your question, OP, and then went on to discuss it further, as is the norm on a discussion forum. You don’t get to police how people respond to you.

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