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Early labor?

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Boymummy3 Thu 12-Dec-19 12:45:21

I had this on and off for about a week before my 2nd was born... The day I went into labour I actually woke up feeling fine. I was 1 day overdue and thought it wasn't going to happen as pains had stopped etc.. Come 5:30pm it hit me like a tonne of bricks and didn't stop I had him at 10:30pm that night x

Londongirl86 Thu 12-Dec-19 11:27:02

I had an induction with my first and the contractions came thick and fast.

With my second i woke up and had a contraction. Realised they were coming every 3 minutes. It was kind of a build up for me so it was like (hard to explain with words but I'll try) it was like a gradual tightening, like imagine a blood pressure monitor going tight but on your belly... When it's fully tight it's the worst of the contraction. Then it starts loosing again and you get a break.

You will know. Basically my son's were every three minutes from the first pain. I had a show after my first contraction. Lasted 40 seconds each one! For the first hour I was aware it was happening and phoned the midwife. I said I'm definitely having contractions every three minutes but I don't need to breathe through them. She said just come in when you need too. One hour and 15 minutes into my labour I was having to breathe with them so we got in the car and drove 45 minutes to the hospital. They continued at 2-3 minutes apart but longer and stronger. My son was born 20 minutes after getting there. So it was fast with me. But it was undeniably there I knew it wasn't a Braxton hick. Far to strong and consistant. I got in the bath after the first few and they continued on the bath too!

Good luck. Sounds like you are really close. Xx

MissingCoffeeandWine Thu 12-Dec-19 08:28:17

Thanks @Sexnotgender and @troppibambini, makes me feel reassured!! Drinking (more) raspberry leaf tea, jumping DH, walking miles and bouncing on my ball/doing squats (if I can manage it) are all on the agenda today 😂🤞🤞

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troppibambini Thu 12-Dec-19 07:56:36

My fourth labour was like this.
I though as it was fourth he would fly out!
It went on for a week and then one night rather than dying off the contractions ramped up and he was born six hours later.
Rest as much as you can, sleep won't stop real labour, if you've got a ball get on it and if you can stand it have sex.

Sexnotgender Thu 12-Dec-19 07:50:28

You’re not stalling anything by sleeping, rest while you can. Believe me your body will wake you if necessary!

Sounds very much like early labour, good luck!!!

MissingCoffeeandWine Thu 12-Dec-19 07:47:42

Hi All,

So. Despite doing antenatal classes I’ve realised I have no idea how to tell if I am in labor - I think I’ve possibly been in early labor for days!

Had cramps Monday eve. Sweep on Tuesday (told favorable) - had cramps and spotting after, followed by bloody show that eve. Decent contractions that took my breath away but faded overnight.

Wed am - felt fine. Walked for c.2 hours over the day, by afternoon again was having contractions - close together, tight bump but mild enough (like period cramps), accompanied by back pain and pelvic pressure. These continued a bit throughout the night last night.

But again I’ve woken up feeling relatively good and only had ONE notable contraction this morning. But now have leaking boobs and a lot of discharge.

Little ones movements have been fairly steady (but have also been activating tightenings which feel different from contractions!). Can I be having both BH and true contractions?I know it’s how long is a piece of string, but trying to avoid an induction on Monday.

I suppose I am I stalling things by falling asleep? True labor would progress through my sleep right?

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