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Recent experience of private midwife for home birth

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LeaderoftheAteam Wed 11-Dec-19 18:01:30

Has anyone got any recent experience of using a private midwife to ensure a homebirth? Very early days with Dc4 shock and really want a home birth this time. I spoke to my midwife recently who loves homebirths but unless they start during the day there is no chance as they don't provide them in my area. Local hospitals are both 30 mins away. As an experienced mum I am confident in being able to labour at home (all being well) so just gauging whether this even happens anymore? I found a few threads from years ago but does anyone have anything more recent? We are East Midlands based. Thanks!

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bookgirl1982 Sun 15-Dec-19 16:21:15

I'd be very surprised if there isn't a home birth service in your NHS area. There's a great home birth Facebook group which will be helpful for both NHS and private options.

Junobug Tue 17-Dec-19 20:14:40

I have had 2 home births and am planning the same for dc4. So far, they have been amazing (as birth goes) and I would highly recommend. I border 2 trusts and my nearest one doesn't 'allow' home births so I just register with the midwives that do. It means some of my appointments are a good 45 mins away but the support I've had is amazing.
You have every right to birth where you want to, they can not refuse this but if a midwife isn't available then they can send an ambulance instead so it might be worth seeing if another area will support you better? The homebirth fb group mentioned is fab.

LeaderoftheAteam Mon 23-Dec-19 21:39:46

Thank you both, I will have a look at that FB group. @Junobug thank you for the suggestion, we are also in the middle of two and can choose to book in at either. I will have to investigate if the other does still provide homebirths. Mw did say that if I Labour during the day then I can homebirth, just no midwives available at night. Unfortunately, all of the others have been born at night grin. First and third were originally planned home births (different area) so hoping number 4 goes as planned!

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