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Elective c section

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westlondonlwk Mon 09-Dec-19 10:06:17

I wonder if anyone can offer any real life experiences of the Royal Berks Hospital..

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant. Before I had even conceived I wanted to deliver my baby via c section. Once I was pregnant I was more open minded. I researched and read everything available and spoke to all of my friends about their different experiences. I am still set on a c sec and feel excited and comfortable with my decision.

I have the appointment soon to discuss birth plan and have since discovered that the royal berks isn't supportive of elective c secs and now I am anxious and nervous - when I was completely chilled!!! Can I change where I want to give birth at this late stage? Anyone had any recent experiences at the RBH where they have elected for a c sec not through medical or anxiety reasons - just because they bloody wanted to and its their body and we have a right?! grin

Thanks for any advice in advance!

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Twittlebee Mon 09-Dec-19 10:12:32

Hi OP - most hospitals arent supportive of ELCS because of the cost and risks. BUT after you jump through their hoops of listening to why a natural birth is preferable and you remain insistent then they should agree to your request, if that consultant you are seeing still disagrees to accept your request then they have to refer you to someone that will agree to it. It states that on the NHS website -

In regarding to choose where you want to give birth, there is no stage too late for that. You can choose wherever you want to give birth, it is the community MW aspect that is much harder to change.

westlondonlwk Mon 09-Dec-19 10:21:54

Thank you for responding - I knew I would have to stand firm, I guess my fear is that I will run out of time!!

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Twittlebee Tue 10-Dec-19 16:12:11

It totally isnt too late for that decision btw, I know a lot of women who do not have this conversation until 34-36 weeks! Good luck x

Justasconfusedwithnumber2 Sun 15-Dec-19 12:23:15

Hi OP. I am 35 weeks and have just been booked in for an elcs at Royal berks after a chat with a consultant. He was very supportive of me having one. That said it's dc2 for me and my first wasn't a great experience. However, the conclusion was it was my choice to decide which I wanted. The midwives were extremely one sided IMO though and even when the consultant told them to book me in, were noticeably annoyed. They were not interested in my reasons, and even suggested it was my fault that my first birth was difficult (ludicrous!). Stand firm if its what you want. I honestly think the consultants are much more open minded, and fundamentally are the ones you need in your side. One thing he said to me was if I go into labour before my date, call triage and tell them I AM ON MY WAY, not 'I've gone into labour' as even at that point they will STILL try to make you wait and deliver naturally. I feel much more relaxed now I am booked in as the thought of natural labour again was really stressing me out.

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