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Give up guessing!

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Sar1520 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:47:55

Honestly give up, for two weeks I've had on and off pains, so I had my 2nd sweep at 3:30pm, got home dived into the bath, currently sat on the ball now as I've had pains in my back!
They are quite painful but I also have a good threshold and can bare sitting through this pain, but is it a start, is it back pain, what the bloody hell is it!

Midwife reckons baby is back to back so I'm fully aware I'm to labour in the back like I did on my first but being induced and a epidural takes the edge off this type of pain and actually remembering the pain is hard! So I'm sat her wondering whether this could be it😂

Even the midwife was confused after my sweep why nothing had happened just yet haha!

So anyone laboured in the back can offer advice mother to mother of how they felt it was, I know if it get super bad what to do but it's knowing really isn't it!

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Berrylove Tue 03-Dec-19 20:46:12

I had back labour and it was a pain that I couldn’t sleep through from the beginning of it, it was like a sharp sort of twinge in my back that I couldn’t ignore that gradually just got worse and worse. I guess you’re really looking for regular pains as well though, as I did have really sore back pains that occurred for driving or standing up for a while, so maybe it’s something you’re doing that’s triggering the pain if there’s no regular occurrence? Best of luck!

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