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childbirth following recent removal of bartholin cyst

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chummymummy Wed 22-Aug-07 12:33:50

dont know if anyone can help, but i would appreciate your thoughts...
I have recently had a whopper of bart cyst removed from my bits a couple of weeks ago (at 35 wks pregnant), the surgery took place using a spinal block etc and recovery has been long and drawn out due to the fact that im heavily preggers (its been nrly 3 wks and im still sore down there.)

The problem is that i have a clinic appointment next week to decide whether or not to go natural or have an elective cesarean (i had an emergency c with my first baby last yr due to fetal distress). The mwife and doctors seem to think that natural labour is 'possible', but im worried as there are only a few weeks left at the most. i dont want to have a trial of labour for the sake of it and end up with an emergency cesarean again, because the bart cyst site may re-open etc and i would have to worry about the c-section recovery as well.
just want quick recovery and healthy baby (is that too much to ask!!??)
i know that this is quite a specific dilemma but i have been unable to find anything on it so far. any thoughts...

Pheebe Wed 22-Aug-07 14:20:02

If it were me I'd ask for a planned cs. Sounds like you've been through quite enough! If you're feeling really strong and received in a couple of weeks time you can always change your mind, if not then its all scheduled and you can make arrangements.

Pheebe Wed 22-Aug-07 14:20:22

err recovered not received!

chummymummy Wed 22-Aug-07 19:31:55

i think you're right, i will speak to the docs next week about a planned cs-wish me luck!

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