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Induction and Protein

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GrumpyHoonMain Mon 02-Dec-19 14:43:42

Need a handhold please as I started an elective induction today and they have found protein in my urine, which now practically confirms pre-eclampsia (the only symptom I don’t have yet is high pressure). Only thing keeping me going is that I am in the right place - hospital won’t let me leave now until I give birth.

Has anyone else had virtually all the symptoms and not had pre-eclampsia? Or had pre-eclampsia and been okay? Any positive stories will make me feel better! Know I’m clutching at straws

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MumOf1plusBump Mon 02-Dec-19 14:45:39

I'm sorry, I haven't been in that situation, but I'm just glad you're in the hospital and it's underway as that's the important thing now. Can you ask to speak to one of the doctors/midwives to understand what it means for you?

WhatALearningCurve Mon 02-Dec-19 14:48:14

I went into labour naturally but they tested my urine and found protein. I think I did have high blood pressure as well but my pressure is always low compared to others, so what was high for me didn't register as something to be looked at. My labour ended in c-section but because baby was stubborn. As far as I remember - nothing changed due to the pre-eclampsia. I thinks it's more for medical staff to be aware of than for you to be affected by if that makes sense? (Aware I may have massively wrong so apologies).

Once baby was born they did more tests on both me and him to make sure everything was okay but nothing progressed to "eclampsia"

Dyra Mon 02-Dec-19 16:30:00

I had pre-eclampsia. No headaches, pains, visual disturbances or anything except the BP, protein and bloods. I was admitted for a week prior to my induction to keep an eye on me and baby, and to get to 37 weeks.

I imagine it might have come as a bit of a shock. I know it sure was for me, so sending many virtual hand squeezes. How many weeks are you? Hope things are going well.

I had a good labour. Induction was slow start. Gels and waters being broken didn't do too much, the drip (eventually) got things going. Contractions were painful, but then I have nothing to compare to. I managed on gas and air and opiates, but I did come close to requesting an epidural before the morphine. 11 1/2 hours later (from start of the drip) I delivered my beautiful daughter.

We were both absolutely fine. Baby was a little sleepy thanks to the morphine, and needed glucose checks due to the labetalol. Stayed in hospital an extra two nights to be sure my BP stayed under control.

Good luck @GrumpyHoonMain. You're going to do grand.

Cacaca Mon 02-Dec-19 16:35:52

I attended triage at 39 weeks due to a lack of movements and was then discovered to have protein in my urine and high bp during the routine obs. I was only due to stay in for a couple of hours for monitoring, bp didn’t drop and by then my fingers and ankles had started swelling. All bloods came back negative for pre-eclampsia but the consultant decided as I was 39 weeks to induce me anyway to eliminate any risk of it developing.

babynunber3 Mon 02-Dec-19 18:26:31

@GrumpyHoonMain hope your ok! Can I ask your symptoms? Past ten days my bp has risen! Average 142/90 had a hospital admission with terrible headaches! Until today no protein then today it's pcr 18! No swelling just terrible headache borderline bp etc have section booked for Monday but worried getting pre e

GrumpyHoonMain Mon 02-Dec-19 20:35:27

Thanks ladies your posts have all made me feel better. @babynunber3 - I have headaches, visual disturbances, swelling, protein, upper abdomen and rib pain. My blood pressure is normally very, very low but today has consistently measured in the normal range - midwives are taking it seriously and are taking steps to monitor me and the baby.

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Dyra Tue 03-Dec-19 10:09:08

I forgot that you don't necessarily have to have high blood pressure to have pre-eclampsia. A change of >=30 systolic and/or >=15 diastolic from your normal blood pressure is indicative. Link

Hope all is going well for you and baby, and your ward stay is tolerable. Sending lots of love.

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