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COuld this be it! ( sorry i know this has been done SOOOOOOOO many times before!)

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pinkrangerstartstowaddle Tue 21-Aug-07 16:16:09

i am 40w tomorrow ( dont worry i am under no illusions that they come on time DS was 15 days late) - had a sweep last week as i am suffering with SPD and Swelling ( among other things) - night of sweep i had bloody/mucus discharge and the next day had something similar! - Now all has been quiet since, lots of tightening /braxtons.
Last night had sharp pains in my knicker line area on and off for about 2 hours, now i only remember the really bad contraction with ds so have totally forgot the early stages ( he is now 5) - all day today i have had a really bad back ache, this has never been an issue in the pg before and the last hour, my belly feels like a Steel ball and have been having a nearly constant stomach pain ( more pain then ache)
Now i remember bad back with ds in labour but also this lo is back to back and i know that can make you labour more in your back!

Now i have ramble on , what do you think
Thank you!

Meeely2 Tue 21-Aug-07 16:22:20

unfortunately when i started to labour at 29 weeks i thought i needed a poo, so my only memory is of that pushing feeling in back passage!

I just remember pains that took my breath away for a few seconds every half an hour or so during the day while i was at work and it got worse in the evening, hence i went to hosp and gave birth the next day..... Plus i was very fidgety, couldn't keep still, paced a lot....

MrsBadger Tue 21-Aug-07 16:25:09

sounds hopeful - mine started like period pain or food poisoning-type stomach cramps.
It was only when I finally twigged it hurt more at some times than others, and was in fact coming in waves, that I thought it might be labour...

quint Tue 21-Aug-07 16:26:56

you could still be practising.

As they say, if you have to ask you probably aren't you will know when you are!

Good luck

Meeely2 Tue 21-Aug-07 16:28:48

quint i had to ask - i still didn't know til dt1 made an appearance (i was in denial)

quint Tue 21-Aug-07 16:31:37

I'm not surprised you were in denial - 29 weeks! I hope all went well.

The only reason why I said that is because I had a few times where I kind of thought this was it with boths girls, however when it happended for real I just knew - nothing to do with any extra pain or suddenly feeling a head! I just knew that this timne was different.

But everyones experience is different so you never know it could be....

Meeely2 Tue 21-Aug-07 16:33:28

all was fab, i have two healthy 2.8 yo's now! little fighters

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 21-Aug-07 16:44:24

Message withdrawn

ScoobyDooooo Tue 21-Aug-07 16:47:12

I had a back to back labour with my dd & all the pains were across the bottom of my back very ubcomfortable.

Klaw Tue 21-Aug-07 17:57:31

It's possible, carry on as normal tho and eat, drink and sleep as normal. Don't pay attention to this until you can't not pay attention, iyswim?

Early Labour mistakes

Sending you calm positive labour vibes!

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Tue 21-Aug-07 20:00:43

Thank you for all your replies, had a bath and back aches is still there with stomach pains on and off but am going to just try and relax and not stress about it!
Midwife coming again tomorrow so i will be a little wiser then!

quint Tue 21-Aug-07 21:09:42


Good luck for tomorrow pink, keeping fingers crossed for you that this is it

elbarto Wed 22-Aug-07 12:27:50

hi pink ranger, am having same feelings now! really really hope this is it. forced hospital to give me a sweep yesterday (found my inner rage lol) and seems to have done the trick!

good luck to you x

quint Wed 22-Aug-07 13:40:39

so how are you today Pink? Good luck elbarto!

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Wed 22-Aug-07 17:17:44

Hi everyone, well after much hoping it all went queit last night! Not much today, bits of aches and pains but thats it!!

I have midwife coming round after clinic to do another sweep so at least i know if yesterday/last week did anything, this will be my 2nd sweep so fingers crossed!! I let you know!

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Wed 22-Aug-07 21:36:06

well midwife has been round and done another sweep, said i am 3 cms dilated, ( last week was 2.5cm) so small improvement on last week, but Cervix is now effaced , where last week it was only 50% so thats good News, so i will just have to wait and see now, have had a Stomach ache since but also had this last time! Off to have a Lavender Bath Now!!

Meeely2 Thu 23-Aug-07 10:15:31

any news pink???

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Thu 23-Aug-07 20:19:34

no ,nothing, had an "old blood" watery show this morning but nothing else, lots of strong braxtons? Just been reading another thread and have sent DH of to get some castor oil, maybe that will get baby out!

Meeely2 Thu 23-Aug-07 20:31:29

get down and dirty Pink or have a bath.....if you have a REALLY big bowel clear out get yourself to hosp.....

lizziemun Thu 23-Aug-07 21:01:07


I hsving the same as you except for the show.

I think my probelm is i didn't have contractions with dd. I had back ache all day then the next day i had a show the time as my waters broke. But didn't have contractions until i was at the hospital and already 8cm.

So i have know idea whether what i am having are BH ot pre labour.

I guess i will just have to wait and see .

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Thu 23-Aug-07 21:03:40

so frustrating isnt it!

Meeley - why about the hospital ? is that cause it could be quick!!

Meeely2 Thu 23-Aug-07 21:18:14

i had the BIGGEST poo before i went to hosp! your body naturally has a clear out before the onset of labour (they used to give enimas), my DH takes great pleasure in telling me i still managed to poo DURING birth too, but i actually didn;t care!

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Thu 23-Aug-07 21:24:39

- ill keep you updated! -

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