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Anyone had Braxton Hicks in their lower back?

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El2El Wed 27-Nov-19 12:24:36

Hi, I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and have had Braxton Hicks in my belly for a couple of weeks. No pain at all, just tightening, tummy goes hard etc.

Since yesterday evening I've been having very, very faint pain/pressure in my lower back, not accompanied by Braxton Hicks tummy tightening that I've also been having. It comes and goes fairly randomly, not getting noticeably more intense or anything.

Are these just a different type of Braxton Hicks or could it be the start of something? It's definitely reminiscent of the contractions I had with DC1 but without the pain, iyswim? But I remember really clearly labour starting with very faint period pain type feeling, which I've not had this time?

I've googled bit can't find anything about lower back Braxton Hicks.

Thank you!

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babynunber3 Wed 27-Nov-19 15:13:17

I have had it for past two days! Had BH past 4/6 weeks in front but last 2 days lower back pain and quite uncomfortable Bh I get monitored daily and they said was false labour! I'm 36+ weeks xx

El2El Wed 27-Nov-19 15:18:53

Ah ok! What's false labour? I've heard of it but not sure what it is 😕 best of luck! X

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Lweji Wed 27-Nov-19 15:22:08

Not helpful, but most of the pain I felt during labour was in my lower back.
Could it be from the position the baby is in now? Has it turned upside down yet? DS was facing forward instead of back during labour.
I'd probably mention it in the next check up, or call the ward if it gets bad.

Funnybunnyfluff Wed 27-Nov-19 15:26:39

Watching with interest I am too 37 weeks tomorrow. First baby so no idea what to expect had random pains like a bad stitch feeling and lightning feelings down below.
Then all stops and I get in with the day 🤷‍♀️.

Baby I'm in the right position and seems to like to move with such little space left.

El2El Wed 27-Nov-19 15:26:51

Yeah most of my pain was in my lower back last time. Baby is definitely head down, had a scan on Friday to confirm she was no longer breech.

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babynunber3 Wed 27-Nov-19 15:45:47

Basically BH from what I understand

FrangipaniBlue Wed 27-Nov-19 15:53:06

Yes I did, it was always more in my back than the front!

Started around 37 weeks, gave MIL a slight heart attack on Christmas Day when she thought I'd gone into labour on her living room floor grin

All Christmas, all new year and DS eventually arrived a week early at the beginning of January smile

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