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Tips on persuading midwife to induce me!

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Abneyandteal19 Thu 21-Nov-19 10:07:24

I'm 40+1 with my third baby. Saw midwife yesterday who did a sweep but couldn't do it properly as cervix soft but mostly closed. Has done nothing so far!

Had a very positive induction with my second and would very much like the same with this one. I see the midwife for another sweep on Sunday which I'm fine with but if that doesn't work I want some tips to get my induction brought forward - currently on 2nd Dec which is 12 days overdue.

Reasons I can't wait til then....

Horrendous siatica which leaves me struggling to walk at points in each day.

Awful heartburn

Cannot pick up or deal with my DS2 and struggling with school run for DS4 due to pain/ siatica and generally being unable to wrangle them into car seats, change nappies , play on floor etc.

Piles are getting worse and more painful by the day.

Pain below my belly

Not sleeping at all meaning I will be exhausted by my induction day.

Other factors are im 35 - not sure if that makes a difference??

Had two large 9lbs babies at 3 and 5 days late so feel that letting me go 12 days plus will result in a large baby that will increase the chance of intervention.

C section is my worst fear

I just want this baby to come out!! I'm so fed up! Any tips for me if you got an induction prior to 12 days over??

Thanks x

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KatnissMellark Thu 21-Nov-19 10:11:44

I would explain everything you have said above and see if it gets you anywhere. You may not have much luck though.

I was induced for a couple of instances of reduced movements at 38 weeks and suspect it wouldn't take much in that vein to convince people you need inducing, if it happens.

Myusernameisunique Thu 21-Nov-19 10:19:28

Could you just explain the above and ask for an earlier induction date? I had an awful induction with DD1 resulting in an emergency C-section though so if a c-sec is your worst fear and you’re only 40+1 I’d maybe hold on another week as induction puts you at higher risk of needing a c-sec.

benandhollyagaaain Thu 21-Nov-19 12:56:27

Being induced actually increases risk of intervention. I ended up with an emcs with DD1 following induction. I'm currently 40 +4. My midwife attempted a stretch and sweep yesterday but couldn't even reach my cervix. I'm so uncomfortable with a lot of the things you've listed so a bit of solidarity for you ❤️ but holding out as long as I can. Hope you go naturally ASAP x

Selfsettling3 Thu 21-Nov-19 16:53:22

Talk to your midwife but like a pp said an induction massively increases your risk if needed a c section.

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