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Branded liner vs. Generic liner: birth pool

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Xiaohei Sat 16-Nov-19 15:57:57

Ahh that’s the sort of info I was looking for- ok, I’ll cough up. Thanks

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Youhavewonaprize Sat 16-Nov-19 01:30:16

The person who used my pool before me (I borrowed from a local doula) wasn’t able to use her liner as it didn’t fit properly. Given that the branded ones are about £35 just get the brand, I wouldn’t risk it!

Xiaohei Fri 15-Nov-19 22:11:28

I was wondering if anyone had any experience using a generic (£20) birth pool liner for the birth pool in a box mini eco? It would be obvs be helpful to save about £15 but if it doesn’t fit well or you can use the handles properly I’d rather cough up for the proper branded one. Thanks

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