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Royal Berkshire Hospital or John Radcliffe?

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HiDiddleDeeDee Wed 13-Nov-19 15:12:10

Any recommendations either way?

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OhHolyNightWaking Thu 14-Nov-19 09:29:52

The John Ratcliffe is excellent, but since closure of the Horton consultant-led maternity unit, the JR is incredibly busy as it is now the only hospital providing consultant-led obstetrics care for a wide area. So all high risk women are directed there to give birth, plus all the low risk ones who opt to go consultant-led for whatever reason. So it's even more stretched and busy than normal. I have heard bad things and there is a campaign to get the Horton reopened as a fully serviced maternity unit. I live about 45 minutes away from the JR but really didn't want to end up there unless absolutely necessary. Luckily I was low risk and could use a community birth unit.
I don't know how it compares to Royal Berks. All hospitals may well be in the same boat.

HiDiddleDeeDee Thu 14-Nov-19 14:01:52

Thanks for the reply OhHoly. I wasn’t aware of that background. Good to know.

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