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Can you have a homebirth and VBAC?

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EveryoneLoves09871 Tue 12-Nov-19 03:26:51

First birth was in awful latent labour, failure to progress, baby and me exhausted by contractions and ended up with cesarean.

There were loads of factors that led to the end result which all started with a very long labour and I know that is more common in first time mums. By the time I had the section the baby was pretty much almost out but in really bad position (so shows I can dilate that far just too slowly).

I really want to try again for a vaginal birth and ideally in a less stressful environment (as I think the stress also contributed to my failure to progress). And made everything more traumatic in general.

Is it possible to do this as long as the pregnancy is low risk? Ideally home birth but midwife led unit if not. I don't want to be back in clinical environment of delivery suite if have the option. I also feel like being constantly monitored and sat on a bed put baby in bad position and caused slow progression.

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TillyTheTiger Tue 12-Nov-19 03:36:56

Yes, my friend had a successful HBAC recently, she said it was perfect and really helped to heal the trauma from her first birth.
I had a similar situation to you with my first birth, horrible 70+ hour back-to-back labour ending in theatre with forceps (luckily avoided caesarean).
I just had my second baby five weeks ago and it was a beautiful 4.5 hour water birth at home. I did the positive birth company online course and it helped so much, not only to make this labour straightforward but also to understand what went wrong the first time.
Fingers crossed for you that you are able to have the birth you want this time!

Ginmonkey84 Tue 12-Nov-19 12:30:28

I’m 22 weeks and planning a HBAC. I’ve notified my community midwives and met with my local consultant midwife just recently to discuss everything. It’s absolutely your choice.

Selfsettlingat3 Tue 12-Nov-19 15:31:40

You can but I doubt staff will recommend it. I had a positive VBAC. I was high risk so they would only agree to me labouring in the pool and delivering on dry land. I had considered a HB but I’m glad I didn’t as I had retained placenta and serious bleeding so had to got to surgery afterwards - that was easy by the way and other than brusing under ribs not painful.

I highly recommend positive birth company hypnobirthing and positive birth book. They have nothing to do with each other but are both great. Birth skills book is also good. And join some vbac Facebook groups.

Mummylanie3 Thu 14-Nov-19 21:26:03

My first was an c section and I've not been allowed a home birth for my other 2 currently pregnant with my 4th but I'm glad I wasn't allowed my second labour was very quick and my scar started to rupture my third they couldn't find his heartbeat so I was cut from front to back and forceps delivery for this one I'm having a section the majority of women go on to have hassle three normal births after a section but I didn't and I'm glad I was in the right place to get quick medical help. But my friend has had 2 home births no issues what so ever every one is different just like every labour is xx

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