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Induction without pessaries

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parkersnose Sat 09-Nov-19 09:12:28

Just come in to be induced 40+7. I’ve been told I don’t need the pessaries/gel. Has anyone got any experience of being induced without these? Any experiences welcome please.

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dementedpixie Sat 09-Nov-19 09:49:00

I didn't need them either. Maybe you are already slightly dilated so don't need them. I had a drip to cause contractions

Moonflower12 Sat 09-Nov-19 09:57:34

I was induced by a sweep. DS3 arrived less than 20 minutes later!

OhHolyNightWaking Sat 09-Nov-19 20:38:00

I was fully effaced at the start of my induction (with mild very irregular contractions), so they put me straight on the drip. DS was born 4.5 hours later and it was a positive experience on the whole. I believe there are other methods, like breaking waters, so hopefully the midwves will explain the options to you (my waters had already gone, which was the reason for the induction). Good luck!

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