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Induction Booked

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limama Tue 05-Nov-19 19:15:26

Very very anxious over being booked for induction this weekend. My only experiences of induction is 4 different friends who all endured 2 days of labour followed by emergency sections 😥

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Amelia910 Tue 05-Nov-19 21:34:58

Sorry to say my induction went the same way as your friends. BUT my sister was induced, first baby, was in and out in less than a day, worked very well for her x

purplepolo Tue 05-Nov-19 22:42:05

I was induced with my first, all induction labours will be different. I was induced at 12.30am, contractions started pretty quickly and started off as just bad period pains that just got worse and worse and were constant, and she was out by 5.24am, so about 5 hours all in!

20viona Wed 06-Nov-19 09:07:03

I was induced in July. 2 pessarys 6 hours apart which got me to 3cm but no regular pains. Then they broke my waters and I went to 10cm and she was born within 2 hours. It was very fast, very painful (only had time for gas and air) and I had a retained placenta which required a trip to theatre to remove. However I would take that over a 3 day labour any day.

Mintypea5 Wed 06-Nov-19 09:19:52

Just had my 3rd very successful positive induction!

DS1 - induced at 42 weeks. Went in at lunch Pessary kicked stuff nicely. I did end up needing the drip / had an epidural but baby was born early hours next morning. No need for intervention and no damage to me.

DS2- induced 38+4 due to reduced movements / stopped growing. Unfortunately for me delivery was so busy it was shut so they don't hurry along my induction but I had a lovely room to myself. Finally got down to delivery 3 days later had my waters broken. Went on the drip and wishing 5 hrs baby was here. No intervention and no damage

DD (born yesterday)! Induced at 38+5 pessary kicked off contractions. Waters broken and drip given. Within 3 hrs I needed to push and DD was born 3 mins later. Again no intervention needed etc.

randomsabreuse Wed 06-Nov-19 09:28:33

I was induced with my 2nd and pattern of labour was pretty well identical to my spontaneous 1st. Just had the gel to kick things off.

My pattern of labour is hurts like fuck but no dilation, hurts like fuck - dilate to about 8cm in the course of 1 hour, waters, loads of pushing, need ventouse for the round the corner bit. Only difference was the all the dilation bit was in the car for baby 1 (sent home as "ages" away from anything happening) and in a bed for induced birth. Both were 38+2

AllTheWhoresOfMalta Wed 06-Nov-19 09:37:21

I had a really good induction experience- baby born within 5 hrs and no epidural. Sister had a “failed” induction but even she ended up not having a c section, just an assisted birth (and the baby was massive- nearly 13lbs).

HakunaMatata90 Wed 06-Nov-19 09:51:04

I was induced with my first and had him 11 hours after the pessary was inserted (admittedly by emergency c section but I was told by the consultant midwife that would have still happened if I had gone into labour spontaneously). I was hyper stimulated but still did the whole labour (until theatre) with just gas and air. I'm pregnant with my second atm so can't say whether the pain is any worse when induced as it's my only experience so far but from my experience it's definitely manageable.

Every birth is different and people are far more inclined to tell you about the bad things than the good. No matter what happens your little one will be here by this time next week 😍

Dyra Wed 06-Nov-19 11:11:45

Another positive induction story here! I was induced at 37 weeks due to PE. The time from the first pessary going in until birth was 31 hours. Actual labour was about 11 1/2 hours.

Gel pessaries did pretty much nothing (I got the occasional contraction when power waddling). Luckily the little it did do was enough that I was dilated sufficiently to have my waters broken. I think I was put on the drip at the same time.

Not going to lie, the contractions hurt. Especially as they had to ramp the drip up quite high to get the required number of strong contractions in a particular time frame (think they wanted 3 in 10 minutes). I was on gas and air up until 3cm dilated, where I opted for some diamorphine over an epidural.

I may have slightly over reacted to the diamorphine, as I basically slept at this point, only waking up at the peak of contractions to huff on the gas and air I had in a death grip, until it was time to push. I have some vague memories of needing to consent for the drip being turned up further, bloods being taken, a couple of vaginal examinations and a scalp electrode to be placed. Baby was fine, she was just moving around enough, that the CTG trace kept getting lost.

I had the gas and air taken away from me at pushing time, and I had come down from the morphine enough that I was lucid. Drip needed to be ramped up again as the contractions slowed and weakened, but I managed to push her out without any other assistance. It's weird. Despite the lack of pain relief, it didn't really hurt.

I nearly needed to go to theatre for a manual removal of placenta, but I was given a little extra time owing to an emergency needing to go ahead. Fortunately it plopped all out on its own in that reprieve.

anitagreen Wed 06-Nov-19 11:13:26

I've had two inductions one failed and didn't work but went into labour on my own for 45 minutes and had my DD, my son they tried to induce me but didn't work again and I had him within 15 pain free minutes the next day both my labours were ok and under the hour. Induction isn't bad at all grin

Dyra Tue 12-Nov-19 10:19:51

Hope your induction went well and you're enjoying newborn snuggles @limama

limama Tue 12-Nov-19 11:48:06

Unfortunately it didn't go great however! I now have a 2 day old angel and I couldn't be more in love!!

18 hour labour, went to 10cm but baby managed to go back to back and after pushing for a long time ended with an emergency section.

Worth every single pain x

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EmJay19 Wed 13-Nov-19 07:27:07

Congratulations! Hope you are enjoying your little one 👶🏼

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