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Going in for an induction today - reassurance needed!

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BeckyHS Mon 04-Nov-19 10:05:54


I’m 40 weeks today with my first baby. I went into hospital on Friday with reduced movements. Everything was fine with baby and me but as I was measuring small (have done throughout this pregnancy but still on track), they wanted me to have a scan immediately. All seemed fine during the scan and we expected to go home. But then the dr came and said they recommended induction as my amniotic fluid is at the very lowest level of normal. We were totally shocked! I wasn’t happy about this but the consultant also agreed with doctor. They said i didn’t have to take it but there is risk leaving it. I was torn as I didn't want an induction as I’ve had friends who had traumatic experiences but then also I don’t want to risk anything with my baby. Luckily, no slots until Monday as I definitely wasn’t ready on Friday!!
I had a sweep at about 1.30 on Friday. She said I was 1cm dilated and she was able to do the full sweep. I’ve had brown discharge, including what I assume what my mucus plug. I’ve had back pain and cramping. Yesterday I had a lot of intense period pain and a lot of pressure down below so I’m hoping I’m in the early stages already 🤞🏻
I’m going in at 12 today to have propess pessary first. I’m upset I can’t be in the birth centre as I wanted a pool birth and don’t like the thought of being on a ward.
Did anyone have a pool birth after pessary/gel? Any tips for induction? I’m worried about being stuck on a ward in pain.
Sorry just realised I have totally rambled this whole message! I haven't told anyone what’s happening but my family and spoken to one friend about her induction. I feel surprisingly calm...I feel like I just need to go with the flow but then I also feel scared - if that makes sense!! My partner, however, is normally the calmer one and is freaking out! He’s worried about it taking ages and then not being able to stay with me over night.
Thanks in advance.

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BessMarvin Mon 04-Nov-19 21:33:40

I can't offer any answers because I was booked for induction at 40 weeks but baby came at 39+1. But it did happen the day after my mucus plug came out so maybe it did for you. I can also relate to the disappointment of not being able to use the birth centre.

Given the time of your post I figure this might be a bit late now anyway. I hope it all went well for you.

Elieza Mon 04-Nov-19 22:01:56

Hope it all went well OP flowers

BeckyHS Tue 05-Nov-19 19:54:30

Had the pessary for 24 hours. Some strong and regular contractions but died down a bit now so waiting to get a room in the labour suite for them to break my waters and go on the drip. It’s a long process but I just keep trying to remember each hour that passes is an hour closer to meeting our baby.

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Elieza Tue 05-Nov-19 22:04:46

Exciting stuff OP, keep us posted grin

AllTheCakes Tue 05-Nov-19 22:07:23

Hope you’re doing well Op. I was induced in similar circumstances too. The best advice I was given was take the epidural! The drip makes contractions come quicker and more painful than natural labour so it’s worth having.

YorkshireIndie Tue 05-Nov-19 22:10:31

Hope everything goes okay. I was exactly in the same position as you last week (pessary, gel and then waters broken and put on a drip). The only things I would say is ask for a mobile monitor - found the need to be mobile overwhelming, my back ached from the contraction pain so used heat pads which helped and do not try and be a hero about pain relief (I lasted about an hour before I gave in)

BessMarvin Wed 06-Nov-19 08:52:17

Hope everything is going well and you're cuddling your baby now.

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